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Healthy Pregnancy: Essential Tips and Unconventional Truths

Bearing a child can be one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life but, equally, one of the most confusing! From what we read online, research in books or even hear from our prenatal care team, the suggestions we round up can contradict each other. I’ve been a nutrition coach for years and have assisted many clients through their pregnancies, but I also recently went through the process of bearing a child myself. Since then, I’ve learned even more about all of the obstacles and stressors that women commonly face during these months. Below are some of my best suggestions for self care and optimum health during pregnancy. 


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10 Tips for De-Stressing This Holiday Season

The holidays... Research suggests nearly 40% of people experience higher stress levels during the season with participants citing lack of time, lack of money, the push of commercialism and an increase in responsibility as their top stessors. Many of us undoubtedly identify with these pressures. We worry about mounting bills and crammed schedules. There are some weeks we may feel like we’re white-knuckling it, staying up late and stressing about meeting all obligations until a distant free night when we can kick back and do the luxury of absolutely nothing. I once heard the clever advice that we should devote an hour to self-care each day except when we're particularly busy, and then we should take two hours. Whether we fill the full 60 (let alone 120 minutes) a day isn’t the point as much as the larger principle itself. When we’re at our most stretched, that’s exactly the time we need to ratchet up our self-care. How are you caring for yourself this season? Beyond the basics of health, check out these 10 ways (among many) to de-stress and recharge this month. 


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