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Recipe Round-up: Summer Picnics

The summer season invites us to live outdoors, and meals are no exception. Sometimes that means eating al fresco on the patio. Other times it's eating on the go while we're out "adventuring." Cue the classic summer picnic! There's so much more to pack, however, than the typical sandwich, chip and cookie rundown. (Can anyone say carb overload?) Fortunately, we don't have to abandon our healthy goals for the sake of tradition - or convenience. Check out these ideas for healthy picnic options to fill your basket this weekend.



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Recipe Round-up: Late Spring Veggies 

While mid-summer bounty garners the most attention, late spring delivers plenty of tasty, nutrient-dense vegetables we can incorporate into our healthy way of eating. These months deliver the first tempting crops of greens, herbs, onions and other “early” veggies. While these days we certainly have the luxury of never being limited to what's in season locally, eating seasonally can encourage us to experiment with new foods - particularly with produce. Whether you're looking to up your veggie intake or interested in trying out more seasonal fare, check out this four-course, spring-oriented menu - from soup to (pine) nuts. 


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