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The Truth about Vegetable Oils and Cardiovascular Health

We all know the refrain by now: vegetable oils are good and saturated fats are bad. Right? Actually, no. We’ve discussed how saturated fat has been wrongfully accused of causing heart disease and weight gain (see Saturated Fat: Wrongfully Accused?, Fat, Carbs and Cardiovascular Disease and Myth Busting: Fat). In fact, there’s growing awareness in scientific circles that saturated fat isn’t bad. There’s also increasing concern that the fats recommended to replace saturated fat, the polyunsaturated fats common in vegetable oils, may be not only an unnecessary but an unhealthy substitute.

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What You Should Know About Diet, Cholesterol and Health

When it comes to diet, cholesterol and heart health, you’ve probably heard something along these lines:

Eating fat raises cholesterol. Cholesterol causes heart disease. If saturated fat raises cholesterol and, cholesterol is supposed to cause heart disease, then eating saturated fat or cholesterol increases the risk of developing heart disease. Therefore, you should avoid foods containing saturated fat and cholesterol, like butter, bacon, red meat and eggs.

The above ideas have been repeated so many times by health and media organizations, most people think they’re proven facts. However, research going back more than 60 years has yet to show saturated fat or dietary cholesterol has any causal effect

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Try-It Tuesday: Bacon

Bacon is hands-down, one of those most misguided foods of our time.   In fact, whenever I recommend adding it to one’s diet, I’m still surprised by how many people are in disbelief or respond with the silent, “Is she serious?” stare.   Scrutinized for decades, bacon has been given a bad reputation, often leading people to eliminate it completely from their diet.  But bacon is making a major comeback and it has the credentials to do so!  Whether you are a bacon lover or bacon-curious, read on below to find out the DO’s and DON’TS regarding this controversial food.  I hope it helps you decide to bring home the bacon this Tuesday!

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Cholesterol Gets a Bum Rap

Cholesterol is typically portrayed as the bad guy with regard to cardiovascular health. However, it plays a critical role in optimal metabolic functioning, so it’s important to understand what research really shows about blood cholesterol and the impact of dietary cholesterol.

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