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Routine Re-Do: 5 Daily Shake-Ups for Big Change

How many of you are banking on big change for the New Year?

While the emphasis might be on "resolve" right now, real change happens through the daily details. What shake-ups are you ready to welcome into your routine?

Newsflash—you will not see the results you want to see by being willy-nilly in your actions! Step one: COMMIT with a can-do attitude. Then start seeing how you can start living that change today—and each day.

Check out these 5 must-have strategies for getting real with your resolutions!



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8 Ways to Prevent Weekend Backslide

Universal truth: the weekend always seems like the perfect opportunity to really live out all of our healthy aims.

We’ll sleep in, we tell ourselves. We’ll have more time to exercise or to cook healthy meals. Finally, we’ll have the chance to kick back and de-stress!

Yet, how often does the reality end up matching the intention? Weekends are actually the toughest times for some of my clients.

For many, it's the lack of routine. For some, it's the lack of free time because their schedules end up even more crammed than their work weeks are. Others struggle with the predicable pitfalls of weekend socializing. Whatever the reason, none of us want to surrender our work week gains to the hazards of a Saturday-Sunday backslide!

With that in mind, let's consider 8 unconventional ideas to ward off a weekend meltdown....


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6 Needs We Underestimate in a Weight Loss Journey

What do you need to be successful in long-term weight loss and body transformation?

Clearly, solid education about nutrition and fitness offer critical guidance. Personal support from loved ones and/or professional coaches is invaluable. 

Additionally, there are the logistical needs we so often underestimate - practices and tools that could play pivotal roles in our overall success. 

Read on for six of the needs we commonly misjudge and the resources we can engage to push our progress forward. 

A Need for Routine AND Variety

Establishing both a plan and a routine for healthy eating and activity are best practices when it comes to losing weight. Grocery shopping every Sunday and packing your gym bag every night before bed are two great examples of productive behaviors we need to practice to make them habit.

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