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6 Weeks, 6 Habits: Are YOU Ready to Transform Your Body?

What would you anticipate are the six most potent changes you can make for real transformation? 

Do your thoughts tend toward the extreme? Slashing calories? Exercising hours a day? Depriving yourself of great food or regular fun? 

What if I told you none of those even begin to make this list? What if I said true transformation doesn’t come from extreme measures but from disciplined but do-able commitment to key behaviors? 

And let me add the little appreciated truth that change begets change. Your efforts and motivation over time become compounded. It’s a phenomenon you can’t anticipate at the beginning of a journey, but I see it every day in my clients. What you do today will make you a person who next week can envision and take on that much more. 

True, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and genuine transformation rarely completes itself in six weeks, but in that short amount of time all the essential components could be in place, which means you’ll be fully engaged (and well on your way) to big change. 

Read on for those six habits that can make the most difference in your initial six-week window....


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7 Summer-Worthy Resolutions

The warm, sunny days, ample produce, and longer daylight hours make it that much easier to live a healthy, vibrant lifestyle in summer. Who doesn't feel a resurgence of zest and energy this time of year? Harness this feeling by creating some clear intentions for the season. (New Year's isn't the only time for resolutions!) The summer months are a great time to be outdoors, go on vacations, and get together with family and friends, but don’t forget about doing something good for yourself as well! Consider these seven possibilities (among many) that can help you prioritize play and wellbeing this season. 


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What Do You Resolve to Do?

The new year is here - and with it the intentions to change or improve something in the months ahead. We resolve to take control. We resolve to step up. When you take apart the annual tradition itself, it implies we feel something is awry in a serious way. The problem is even formidable enough that it requires a collective cultural event to launch whatever “out with the old” actions we need to take. We want to capitalize on the energy surrounding the change in calendar - ride the coattails of societal enthusiasm. (Why not?) Unfortunately, the January fervor tends to fizzle all too soon (as anyone who’s observed gym attendance dwindle into February knows). By all means, every one of us should be inspired by the spirit of the New Year. Use it to your advantage. Psych yourself into a new vision with it. That said, there’s got to be more to the resolution story if we want to be successful in our aim a year from now. More is required for a successful outcome than temporary fervor. If we want our resolutions to be more than pipe dreams, we need to get clear and committed, and we need to revise the concept of resolution itself. Here’s how....

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Down with Resolutions (a.k.a. Choose the Concrete Commitment)

What’s the easiest time of the year to create or recharge health and fitness goals? I’d guess most people would say January. The New Year can feel like a new beginning--and maybe our new beginning. It can elicit the emotion and confidence to initiate change (Notice I said “initiate” change!) because it’s a tangible turning point in the calendar that we absorb as our own. That powerful emotional high buoys the belief that we can achieve desired change! But what happens, then, in February, March, or April? The problem with this particular brand of motivation is this: once the emotional high has dwindled, so does our belief in achieving the goal. It’s unfortunately why “resolutions” to change typically end without accomplishing the goal. That leads us to the million dollar question….”How can we stay motivated throughout the entire year?”  

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Ready to Start Your New Year's Resolution? Don't Fall Victim to These Bad Habits

As the new year begins, millions of people are ready to start new diets and exercise programs—with expectations and approaches that may not be reasonable. As a result, many don’t achieve the kind of health and fitness they hope for. New goals need appropriate planning and an eye on the pitfalls that throw programs off track. The following is a list of “don’ts” and “do’s” to help keep your resolutions real and attainable.

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