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Healthy Game Day Grub

Game Day is quickly approaching – it’s a day filled with friends, excitement, funny commercials, and of course, food! Which means we’re all digging around trying to find the perfect appetizer or snack to bring with us for the big event.

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Turkey Day Menu and Fat Burning Workout

Mid-November signals that Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and as you make preparations to host the once-a-year feast or maybe just need to bring a dish to share, there are ways you can stay on-track with your health goals and not end up feeling like a stuffed turkey.  

While time can be limited in the days leading up to major holidays, it can often give way to a variety of excuses for why it’s okay to skip a workout or overindulge. Once Thanksgiving rolls around it can feel like the tipping point of a holiday rollercoaster that won’t slow down until January and is reason why now is so important to develop and stay committed to a healthy eating plan and workout regime.

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5 Genius Ways To Use Protein Powder

Maybe you're just not a protein smoothie kind of person, or maybe you need to shake up your protein powder routine. Either way, you're bound to love one — or all five recipes. In fact, if you're like me, you might find the spiked coffee recipe to be life-changing.

1. "Spiked" Coffee 

Spiked Coffee Shake

Like a coffee shop specialty blended drink — but no sugar crash and with a bonus: 26 grams of protein comes with this shake.

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Curry Coleslaw

I have always loved fresh salads, but like my good friend Anika, I don’t always LOVE greens. I just never feel satisfied after eating them. Instead, I like salads with bold flavors, a little bit of crunch and a whole lot of chew. This curry salad is the perfect fit for that criteria. The flavors are bold, the crunch factor is definitely there, and it pairs perfectly with grilled fish, chicken or salmon.  It literally takes minutes to whip up and is dairy free and gluten-free.  Enjoy!

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Smoothie Bowl

If you are keeping up with social feeds and posts, you’ve probably noted that smoothie bowls are all the rage right now!  A sister or close cousin to our friend, the protein shake, this breakfast or snack option can be a great way to spice up any healthy-eating fatigue you may be experiencing and is a great way to slow us down – as it requires you to eat with a spoon versus solely just slurping it down with a straw.

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Sparkling Grapefruit Fizz

Plain water doesn't always cut it. And with warmer weather on the horizon and Spring Happy Hours being scheduled – sometimes you need something a little bit different to sip on while influencing your fluid intake.  One of my all-time favorite ways to increase my water intake is to add fruit to it – specifically grapefruit.  Not only does it provide a nice tart flavor – but it also is packed with Vitamin C – perfect to support your immune system during prime time allergy season.  Check out below for a quick and easy mocktail recipe – perfect to serve next to a healthy, lunch salad or as a post dinner relaxer.  Enjoy!

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Buttery Coconut Coffee