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How To Do A Deadlift The Right Way From A Master Trainer

There are many exercises that walk the fine line between being highly effective and potentially dangerous. One exercise that walks this line is the Deadlift. This short article will go over the following:

  • Benefits of this exercise.
  • Different variations of the Deadlift using a variety of equipment.
  • A detailed description of how to properly perform one of its most popular variations (the Barbell “Conventional Style” Deadlift).
  • The most common form errors of the Conventional Deadlift

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Fat-Burning 4th of July Workout

It takes effort and dedication to make time for a workout, especially on a holiday. That's why it's nice to have a few go-to workouts that you can do anywhere (with or without weights). 

Check out my July  4th–inspired fat-burning workout below. There are 13 movements (for the 13 colonies) with sets of 50 (for the 50 states). It’s also a perfect workout when you’re traveling, and ideal for those days when you need to get movement in, but just can’t make it to the club. 


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