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3 Easy to Make Macro Bowls

Macro bowls are the essential staple for anyone who’s always on the run and strives to keep healthy and fit. They’re super time-saving (especially when it comes to doing the dishes) and easy to make. Plus, they’re a perfect option for work lunches (which for many of us, bringing a lunch can equate to saving a little money, too). Macro bowls can also be really nourishing, especially during this time of year — and an easy way to make sure you’re getting a good balance of nutrients.

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4 Patriotic (5–Ingredient or Less) 4th of July Picnic Recipes 

It's not easy to get it all done and enjoy a holiday, too. As full-time employee and mother, I know this all too well. That's why I thought it might be nice offer you a simple, healthy menu for the 4th of July that's planned -- including your shopping list. That way, you can also get in a quick workout and enjoy the fireworks!

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10 Winning Strategies for Meal Planning and Preparation

“What am I going to eat?”

It’s one of the most common questions people have when they commit to a weight loss goal. With regard to meal planning and preparation, you might feel at a loss for skills or inspiration. Maybe you’ve never enjoyed cooking and frequently eat out. Perhaps you love to cook but feel like all your favorites are suddenly off the menu.

Regardless of your kitchen talents, if weight loss and optimal health are your goals, it’s time to incorporate better ideas and behaviors into your food routine.

Not sure where to start? Below you'll find my top ten, client-approved strategies for meal planning and preparation.


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5 Healthy 15-Minute Meals

What's the number one reason you choose unhealthy foods?

If you're like most people, you look for a certain degree of convenience in your day. With busy schedules, many of us come to depend on efficiency. 

While adopting a Healthy Way of Eating often obliges us to switch out our shopping lists and learn new recipes, it doesn't require we spend all day in the kitchen!

Check out these 15-minute meal options that prove you can have health - and convenience, too.


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