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Core supplements and the importance of timely intake 

For some, the world of supplements can be a confusing, overwhelming and sometimes challenging space to navigate. With so many supplement brands and varieties available at the store and online, and considering consumers are constantly bombarded with opinions from media, close friends, self-proclaimed health coaches and social media, the barrage of options and voices can often point people in the wrong direction. 

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Top 3 Supplements that Support Gut Health

Indigestion, poor energy, bloating, stubborn weight loss, skin problems, poor immunity, inconsistent bowel patterns, mental fog, low mood…sounds like a typical week, right?

Wrong. Just because many of these ailments are common, does NOT mean they are normal.

Our entire body suffers when our digestive system is not operating as designed, and it can be extremely difficult to optimize gastrointestinal (GI) well-being if you don’t have a comprehensive plan for doing so. A good GI health protocol should help you set a good foundation for the three main areas of the GI tract, and it should make use of a smart nutrition strategy, a targeted supplement approach and specific lifestyle adjustments to promote better gut health.

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Q&A: Supplements for Weight Loss

“My trainer keeps telling me to take supplements as part of my program. Is this smart, safe, or necessary? What supplements do you recommend for someone with pretty decent health?” In my experience working with proactive-minded individuals, nutritional supplements are always part of the discussion, and rightly so. To questions like the one above, however, I always offer my own inquiry: “Are you confident your dietary choices alone deliver every nutrient you need to nourish your body to be a stronger, more resilient, healthier, more metabolically and hormonally fit version of itself? Every day?” This is usually enough to get someone to embrace the advantages of basic supplementation. Let me offer a more detailed explanation here--a primer of sorts on why I believe supplements are necessary, practical, and safe.  

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