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Myth Busting: Protein

Protein consumption continues to be a hot topic in nutrition articles everywhere. Here, we’ll sift some fact from fiction so you can enjoy your meat, eggs and other protein without fear.

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Really? Meat Causes Weight Gain?

A new study is making headlines and news spots claiming that meat consumption causes weight gain. Studies in recent years have shown that protein, including meat, consumption can have a positive effect on weight management, so the study making headlines comes as quite a surprise. Before you react too quickly and start eating bread and butter for each meal...

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Reasons to Choose Pastured Chicken

Last week's article covered 5 Reasons to Choose Grass-Fed Beef. Grass-fed beef has been getting a lot of much-needed recognition. Unfortunately, many other animal-based protein sources have not been receiving the same kind of attention. Today, we'll take a look at chicken. As you'll see, there are good reasons to shop carefully for this popular protein source.

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It's Not the Turkey That Knocks You Out on Thanksgiving

Written by Tom Nikkola - Director of Nutrition & Weight Management

As far back as I can remember, our family always went to my Godparents house for Thanksgiving. Many of the great-tasting foods were the same from year to year and the day often unfolded much the same. We'd arrive, visit, have appetizers while watching one of the football games, eat dinner, dessert and then like magic; the adult men would fall fast asleep while the women visited in the kitchen. I can still see and hear my Godfather, Bill, snoring on the chair and my Dad sound asleep on the couch. Year after year, someone would say, "It's the turkey. That tryptophan puts you right to sleep."

Is there something special about turkey that really does knock you out, especially on Thanksgiving Day? Why is it that you can have turkey on other days and there's no effect? Is there something special about a baked turkey? Or is it possible the turkey really has nothing to do with the afternoon coma many people are put in following Thanksgiving dinner?

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The Meat of the Matter: Red Meat and Cancer

"Red meat is strongly linked to cancer" reads the headline in a recent medical journal. Many such headlines have been found in newspapers, magazines and other article sources. Does the consumption of red meat really cause cancer? Since the 1960s, meat has been associated in some research studies with higher levels of various cancers. Interestingly, there have been many studies that have shown...

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The Meat of the Matter: Looking at Beef

Recently, there has been a attention about meat in the diet. One side of the argument says we should eat more and the other says we should not eat any. Today's article will set the stage with some basic...

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The Power of Protein - Part 3: Amounts & Sources

In the first two parts of this series, we looked at health concerns related to protein intake, and what research says about protein intake and body composition. To wrap up the series, today we'll look at recommended intakes, and some general differences among protein sources.

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