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Performance-Enhancing Supplements

With the 2010 Olympic Games in full swing, it's exciting to see the world's best athletes competing in such a variety of sports. Thousands of hours of training, refined nutrition plans and the perfect mix of supplements all play a role in achieving peak conditioning. While very few of us are focused on working toward a gold medal, we all have individual goals in mind. If you're following a solid nutrition plan...

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The Power of Meal Replacements

The idea of using a meal replacement powder (MRP) is nothing new in the nutrition and fitness industry. They have come a long way from the high-sugar, very bad-tasting shakes of twenty years ago. The concept has always been the same, and the science tends to support their use. So how does a MRP support optimal nutrition?

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The Best Whey to Supplement

In the world of nutritional supplements, very few products have shown the kind of health benefits of whey protein, without also having questions or controversy associated with it. Whey protein is considered by most to be the best form of protein available. It can be beneficial for improving health, improving fitness, recovering from workouts and even combating some of the effects of aging. Whey protein is loaded with...

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