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4 Moves to Master

During my twenty years in the fitness profession, one training concept that’s really stood out for me has been the idea of Primal Movement Patterns—the foundational moves behind the everyday, essential actions of our Primal ancestors. For example, a caveman/woman would squat down to start a fire. They would pull plants out of the ground to eat or use a rotation when throwing a spear or sling toward an animal during a hunt. I learned this concept from fitness/rehab expert Paul Chek, who prioritized functional movement in training design. His seven Primal Movement Patterns include:  Push, Pull, Squat, Bend, Lunge, Rotate and Gait. Today I’ll discuss the Pull, Squat, Push and Bend and offer two exercise examples of each (based on equipment options that are available to you). I’ll also describe how to incorporate them into two effective and time-efficient workouts.

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