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Healthy Pregnancy: Essential Tips and Unconventional Truths

Bearing a child can be one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life but, equally, one of the most confusing! From what we read online, research in books or even hear from our prenatal care team, the suggestions we round up can contradict each other. I’ve been a nutrition coach for years and have assisted many clients through their pregnancies, but I also recently went through the process of bearing a child myself. Since then, I’ve learned even more about all of the obstacles and stressors that women commonly face during these months. Below are some of my best suggestions for self care and optimum health during pregnancy. 


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10 Prenatal Nutrition Tips

There is perhaps no more critical time to practice good nutrition than when you’re pregnant or nursing. It is not only essential to the healthy development of your baby but research suggests it significantly influences the long-term health of your child. It’s not a time to diet, but pregnancy is not a license to overeat, either — even if what you’re eating is healthy. Here we share the essentials of what it really means to eat for two.

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