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What Should I Eat After A Workout?

There’s a difference in post-workout refueling strategies. Learn the good and the bad.

Everyone knows that eating right, exercising correctly, and resting well are major keys to achieving results whether the aim is weight loss or fitness improvement. Not everyone strikes the right balance of them, however.

There’s a big crowd of people who exercise expressly so they can “get away with” certain dietary indiscretions. I’ve even justified junk food choices after big workouts from time to time, but is this a good approach?

Maybe, but perhaps not.

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How Dietary Fat Helps You Lose Body Fat

Are you eating enough healthy fat? Losing body fat is a tricky dance that involves creating a slight but consistent energy deficit while achieving more adequate intake of nutrients to maintain or increase metabolic rate – all while controlling hunger and willpower in an unfriendly food world. It’s a choreography that many try but few truly master. If only they used more butter… Does it sound too good to be true? Let’s take apart what really happens when we incorporate more healthy fats into our diets and why it becomes easier to shed the body fat we want to lose.


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No More Endurance Training Cramps

As a nutrition professional advising athletes on what and when to eat, it is very easy to go overboard with advice. This information overload, whether a client is ready and eager for it or not, is a great way to make people less likely to make the right changes. Instructing a person to change several things about their eating habits and educating them on why they should change places an unnecessary amount of pressure on them. The result is often a continuation of their current habits because the new ways felt so unnatural. 

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