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5 Pilates Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

These days it seems that more and more of us have jobs that entail sitting for hours on end, sometimes combined with a lengthy commute in a car where we’re sitting even longer. If you’ve seen the recent headlines, you know this is worrisome. Sitting has been linked to so many negative health consequences that it’s now being called the new smoking.

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The 3 Best Anti-aging Workouts

You may be at a place in life where you’re feeling like, “How did I get here? And how can I possibly gain back what I once had?” Or maybe you’re just starting to experience what your future may hold if you don’t change things up and implement healthy habits.

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What Pilates Can Do for Detoxification

While many of our members understand the benefits of detoxification for health and weight loss, not as many know the key element exercise can play in the detox process and, specifically, how well Pilates serves this purpose. While nutritional choices like eliminating processed and allergenic foods and targeted supplementation options like those in Life Time’s D.TOX Kit can support the body’s natural detox defenses, the functional benefits of Pilates can likewise accelerate toxin release in our systems. Read on to find out how you can enhance your detoxification efforts, receive support through the advantage of Pilates instruction and boost your health and weight related goals!


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