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How to prepare for your first training session

When is the last time you did something for the first time? There’s no doubt that mental barriers, rooted fears and perceived limitations can hold us back from trying something new, particularly when it comes to personal training and group fitness. While this pattern of thinking tends to hold us back from life-changing experiences, our expert trainers are on a mission to change that. 

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Here's why health-conscious influencers keep holding you back


The rise of social media has created one of the largest digital ecosystems where anyone can consume, re-share or publish almost any type of information they stumble across. While many argue this is a step forward in connectivity, innovation and unity, many don’t stop to pause and understand the consequences that can come along with it. 

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10 Things a Trainer Would Tell You

Not every Life Time client works with a trainer, but we’re there witnessing members’ journeys every day.

Whether in a working relationship or from a gym floor distance, we see the progress and frustration, the struggle and successes. Of course, I’d recommend the services of a Health and Fitness Professional to everyone who comes in our doors. I’ve seen countless clients thrive with the personalized guidance and support.

For those who haven’t worked with a trainer or are on the fence, however, you might wonder what a trainer’s perspective would be on your weight loss process. What basic pointers could a trainer tell you right from the start? What suggestions or stories could he or she share? In the spirit of that exchange, let me offer ten tips from a trainer’s experience.


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The Difference Between a Personal Trainer and a Fitness Professional

The field of personal training has changed dramatically over the past decade. I remember when I started with Life Time in October of 2001. At that time, if someone was interested in personal training, we offered one-on-one sessions or Boot Camp. To help clients optimize their program, we also offered a very basic, blue Polar heart rate monitor. How the times have changed! Today, we have a variety of programs, devices, metabolic testing, lab testing, nutritional supplements and more to help personalize and optimize a client's program.

As new programs, products and devices have become available, to provide clients with the best service, personal trainers have had to grow beyond exercise experts. Unfortunately, many “gyms” today still provide personal training services similar to what was available 10 years ago. This outdated approach to fitness is unfortunate because people spend significant amounts of money to have a trainer help them reach their goals. When personal trainers focus only on exercise, it's rarely enough for people to really see a life-changing transformation.

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