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What Role Should Fruit Play in Your Diet?

In my client sessions, questions like these often come up. Can I eat more fruit instead of vegetables? Can I eat fruit at all if I'm trying to lose weight? What role should fruit have in a healthy diet? 

Fruit in its whole, natural state is a nutrient-dense food group. Yet, we need to consider the bigger picture in determining its optimum role for our health and weight loss endeavors.

When we balance fruit's macronutrient profile with its micronutrient benefits, we can understand how it should best fit into our eating plan.

Read on to learn the unique advantages of fruit as well as the cautions and to assess the place fruit can have in your diet - especially if you’re looking to lose weight and/or limit your carb intake. 


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Dairy Decisions: Conventional, Organic or Grass-Fed?

We recently took a look at dairy consumption, its fat content and its relation to heart health. Then we looked at whether full-fat or non-fat dairy made a difference in managing weight. As you’ve hopefully seen, from a health perspective there’s good reason to choose full fat over low-fat or non-fat dairy options. Generally speaking, you have a few options of where to get your dairy from if you choose to consume it. At grocery stores and co-ops, you can choose from conventional dairy, organic dairy and, in many stores, grass-fed dairy. A fourth option that is available in some states, usually directly from a farm, is raw dairy. The following briefly reviews the differences among these options.

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Not-So "Healthy" Choices

“No consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking Vitaminwater was a healthy beverage.” So says Coco-Cola attorneys after the company was sued by the Center for Science in the Public Interest for “deceptive and unsubstantiated claims.”(1) According to a CSPI news release, “the company claims that Vitaminwater variously reduces the risk of chronic disease, reduces the risk of eye disease, promotes healthy joints, and supports optimal immune function, and uses the health buzz words such as ‘defense,’ ‘rescue,’ ‘energy,’ and ‘endurance’ on labels.”(2) In reality, the drink is little more than...

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Reasons to Choose Pastured Chicken

Last week's article covered 5 Reasons to Choose Grass-Fed Beef. Grass-fed beef has been getting a lot of much-needed recognition. Unfortunately, many other animal-based protein sources have not been receiving the same kind of attention. Today, we'll take a look at chicken. As you'll see, there are good reasons to shop carefully for this popular protein source.

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