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How To Spot A Bad Supplement

“I don’t trust supplements; they aren’t regulated. I’m going to just get what I need from food.” 

I’ve heard these statements from countless people who are first embarking on a health and fitness journey. Based on the general reputation of the supplement industry, I can appreciate the initial sentiment. Although, the ideas of optimal nutrient sufficiency from our current diet and the perceived lack of regulation are both myths.1-4 Our diet is not as nutrient dense as it once was (most of us do not consume nearly as much produce as we should), and the FDA (and the FTC, for that matter) does in fact have a role in regulating the industry and its claims. 

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Are Your Supplements Contaminated?

Spring is in the air, and you know what that means? It’s time for spring cleaning — and that includes your supplement cabinet.

If you’re like most people, you have a smattering of dietary supplements stashed somewhere in your house.

A few of them may be part of your current daily nutritional lifestyle.

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What core supplements should I be taking?

Clients ask me frequently, "I know Life Time offers a lot of high quality supplements. But out of all the ones you offer, are there any specific supplements you think most people should be taking? 

People take supplements for a number of different reasons, including help with exercise performance, weight loss, stress relief or even sleep.

However, there are certain supplements that registered dietitians generally identify as essential products for most individuals. We call them core or foundational supplements because they contain nutrients often lacking in the standard American diet - nutrients that are absolutely necessary to maintain optimal health.

Below are the top five core supplements you should be taking every day - and why. Each one plays its own unique role in your body's functioning and overall well-being. See how your supplement protocol compares!


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8 Ways Nutrition Deficits Are Hurting Your Health (and Weight Loss)

Are you getting your full measure of all the critical nutrients each day?

The fact is, coming up short nutritionally can have serious consequences over time for both overall health and metabolism. Each system or process in our bodies is fed by the nutrients we give them, and we all need a certain amount of these nutrients to function optimally. Anything less than our individual body's true requirement, and we'll experience the consequences even if the effects aren't obvious. 

Let's look at 8 common ways nutrition deficits hurt our health and what deficiencies are most common.  


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Life Time Products: New Formulas, New Looks, and Best-In-Class Favorites

I don't often devote full articles to the products we carry at Life Time, but today  I want to introduce some new additions and changes to the Life Time nutritional line as well as highlight what makes our products unique. Supplements can significantly impact both weight loss and health. At Life Time, we’ve developed and continue to update our own line of nutritional supplements because we recognize the pivotal role high quality nutritionals can play in peoples’ wellness endeavors.

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Dateline NBC Uncovers Bad Nutritional Product Practices

In a recent Dateline NBC episode, Chris Hansen exposed a variety of questionable practices some nutritional supplement manufacturers have implemented as a way of cutting costs and/or critical product efficacy testing. As a result, these manufacturers have taken serious risks in delivering inferior, adulterated and, in some instances, unsafe products to their customers.

At Life Time, we apply tremendous scrutiny to the partners selected to produce our nutritional products. This is very much in keeping with the significant investment we make and unparalleled quality we demand of our world-class health and fitness destinations in the United States and Canada. Today, we enjoy a decade-long track record of delivering unique, safe and effective nutritional product formulations, and we do so with two very well respected manufacturers who specialize in healthcare practitioner products. These include Alcrea Health, a sister company of Douglas Labs, and Thorne Research. Both companies have built proven reputations for producing healthcare practitioner products, which require nothing short of the most stringent of quality control standards.


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