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Top 6 Nutrition Misunderstandings

Every day it seems we run into a hundred different nutrition recommendations.

Whether they’re the packaging claims for foods we see on the supermarket shelves or the magazine covers at the checkout, the health features on the nightly news or the Facebook articles that show up in our daily feed, we’re inundated.

Some of these claims offer us good food for thought, while others have more agenda than truth behind them.

With our exposure to media stories, food industry advertisements as well as shifting medical messages, it can be difficult to identify the misleading claims and debunked truths. Below I’ve ranked what I consider the top six nutrition misunderstandings. See how many you’ve heard, believed or even practiced at one point in the past.


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Nutrition Shortcuts vs. Strategies

Nearly every day someone asks me about a new trend he or she has read about that can purportedly help people lose weight or fight disease.

Underlying their questions, I believe, is this truth. We're a culture of convenience - and why wouldn’t we want our health to come easily? When doing what it takes to eat a healthy diet seems daunting, we may find ourselves wishing simpler recommendations could offer as big of a return.

Below are some of the most common nutrition shortcuts our coaches are asked about on a regular basis. Learn whether these trends are truly strategic and how to best implement those that provide genuinely positive impact!


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15 Foods That Don’t Deserve Their Health Halo

The produce department manager, George, at my local grocery store once told me he’s responsible for about 500-600 fresh produce items, most of which he has to turn over (arrange and sell) within 36 hours to meet store standards for freshness and appearance. He takes pride in his job, and he says he would much rather work with produce than (in his words) “deal with the mess of the other 40,000 packaged crap customers think is food.” The way George sees it, if food isn’t fresh then it doesn’t deserve any hype. In a way, I think he’s got it right. The wrong foods tend to get the most promotion in our marketing culture, while the best choices remain the proverbial wallflowers. Check out 15 foods below that don’t deserve their health halos, and add your thoughts on food product fanfare.


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10 Foods I Used to Think Were Healthy

Sometimes it seems cliche to call improving your health, nutrition or fitness a journey rather than a destination. I’ve always found it to be true, however. Recently, I was reminiscing about the past 15-20 years, during which time I've developed a sincere interest in fitness and the personal motivation to live what I've learned along the way. If you recall from a previous post, I was a fat kid for most of my younger years, with my most memorable nickname being Chubby and Porky. I didn't enjoy that, but it was something that fueled my passion for health and fitness. As I think back over the years, I have to laugh at some of the things I once thought were good for me. You may have a similar story if your journey's been six months, six years or a life time. I hope you enjoy the list I came up with. Please share your own in the comments section below. 

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6 Misdirected Paradigms That Could Be Hurting Your Health

This past Saturday, while we were walking the aisles of Costco, we stopped and commented on the label claims printed on a huge box of snack bars. The labels claimed “low in calories” and “high in fiber.” We looked at the long ingredient list with its nonexistent protein, high gluten, and other “stuff” and started to walk away. Before we had taken just a few steps, we heard a woman exclaim, “Look at these! They’re low in calories!” She then hoisted the box into her cart and continued shopping.

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