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15 Foods that Deserve a Final Goodbye

Hard truth of the day: moderation isn't the key to a healthy diet or successful weight loss. 

Now that I have your attention, let me say that I do believe most of us can thoughtfully indulge in certain favorite but not quite on-plan foods once in a while. Moderation can often be a situational strategy, but it's rarely the linchpin for an effective plan.

You've likely heard the guideline. If we eat healthily 80% of the time, we can use the remaining 20% to enjoy a little leeway during dinners out or the occasional family gathering. 

That said, not all foods truly deserve a place in our dietary lineup. Some choices frankly offer no nutritional benefit for the chemical ingredient and sugar shock toll they take on us. We may consistently downplay their sabotaging influence on our weight loss success. Additionally, many if not most of us have certain foods that invariably trigger us into unhealthy or excessive patterns no matter how "moderate" our intentions. 

Are some ideas already coming to mind? Check out these fifteen food products I suggest clients kick for good.


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Nutrition Shortcuts vs. Strategies

Nearly every day someone asks me about a new trend he or she has read about that can purportedly help people lose weight or fight disease.

Underlying their questions, I believe, is this truth. We're a culture of convenience - and why wouldn’t we want our health to come easily? When doing what it takes to eat a healthy diet seems daunting, we may find ourselves wishing simpler recommendations could offer as big of a return.

Below are some of the most common nutrition shortcuts our coaches are asked about on a regular basis. Learn whether these trends are truly strategic and how to best implement those that provide genuinely positive impact!


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Does “Food Combining” Make Sense?

When we envision a healthy diet, we carefully consider our food choices. What do we buy? How do we prepare it? Do we have an appropriate balance of macronutrients and ample micronutrients to fuel our body and optimize our physiological functioning? Are we avoiding unnecessary toxins and additives and eating a clean diet? In addition to these essential questions, some sources suggest that how we combine our food selections can make a difference in our health and metabolism. They claim that some combinations offer the best chance for good digestion and optimum nutrient absorption, while others put us at distinct disadvantage. Are they right? In a Healthy Way of Eating routine, does the how, when and “with what” matter? Let’s take apart the philosophy of food combining.

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Quiz Time: How Good is Your Nutrition? 

March is National Nutrition Month, which means it’s the perfect time to take inventory of your dietary habits. What healthy practices have you adopted? Which are still a work in progress? Have you made these good choices daily priorities? How about for each meal? The key to positive change is to choose one healthy behavior at a time until it becomes routine. Whether you’ve been on this journey for quite some time or are just getting started, read over the list below and rate which of these healthy practices you’re doing and how often: never, at most meals 1-2 days a week, at most meals 3-4 days a week, or at most meals every day?

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