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Common Nutrition Advice Debunked 

In today’s world, news headlines, a simple Google search or self-proclaimed social media “health experts” have been deemed royalty when it comes to influencing our beliefs and opinions on all things health, wellness and nutrition. The multitude of sources and voices claiming they’ve uncovered the next best thing in nutrition can be both exhilarating, yet overwhelming. These waves of health trends can often cause us to question our own approach to nutrition and spur us into making a whirlwind of drastic changes to our eating and fitness routines.

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A Common Barrier To Your Health and Fitness Goals

If asked to press a three-pound dumbbell overhead, it’s likely that many of us would be able to do so with relative ease. Now, imagine being asked to pause that overhead press at the top and hold it there for an hour or two. Or, imagine doing the same overhead press, then simultaneously handed a wrench, light bulb, cell phone and a large cup of coffee to hold. Sounds a bit ridiculous, doesn’t it?

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10 “Forbidden” Foods You Should Be Eating

Food fallacies are never-ending, but I’m here today to share with you some surprisingly great news! Not all foods that get a bum rap deserve their bad reputation.

Take a peek at each of these 10 foods, but also be sure to read up on what exactly makes them healthy and what varieties to look for when purchasing.

Yet, it’s not quite as easy as loading up on butter and bacon every day now (sorry). If your nutrition intake is veggie-heavy (think nearly half your plate at each meal), lower in grain-based carbs, and rich in quality proteins, then these foods can be beneficial for both variety and flavor. Enjoy!


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15 Food Substitutions That Fight Fat!

"I want to transform my body, but how do I go about transforming my diet to get there?"

It's the million dollar question among those looking for fat loss. 

In shifting our diets, we'll over time add healthier choices to our snack and meal lineups, but you'd be surprised at how close we can come to many of our former favorites. 

Enter the art of strategic substitution....

Check out these 15 better (but tasty!) alternatives to incorporate into your personal Healthy Way of Eating plan.


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10 “Lazy” Tricks for Healthy Eating

When it comes to nutrition, who isn’t looking for ways to make “healthy eating” more convenient?

We all deal with countless demands on our time and energy each day (e.g. work, commutes, family responsibilities). The fact is, the “easy” road often wins out.

And, of course, we have constant access to a plethora of processed foods that are always ready and waiting to fill that call for convenience.

However, don’t wave that white flag just yet! What if the easy way didn’t have to mean the unhealthy way? There’s nothing wrong with wanting some “low threshold” strategies to create a better diet! In fact, they can be cornerstones in your eating approach if they help you maintain your daily commitment. Check out these 10 simple tricks you can use today that will reward you with big returns for a low effort investment!


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Should Age Affect How You Eat?

Should age affect how you eat? 

It’s a fair, if not fundamental, question.

As you add up the decades (and life experiences), you may notice that your body needs a little extra TLC with daily stress, a little more recovery following challenging workouts, a little more discipline in the nutrition department.

The fact is, while our age shouldn’t be an excuse for a slowing metabolism, digestive issues, stiff joints or weight gain (just to name a few factors), it may make us more susceptible to those things. Our condition as we age, however, is an intersection of our body’s natural physiological trajectory and the positive/negative inputs we give it. 


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Know Your Top Food Sources for Critical Nutrients!

(This is Part I of a continuing series….)

You probably know that taking a high-quality multivitamin can be an essential part of your weight-loss or health promoting plan.

But did you know there are certain nutrients that appear to play a more critical role than others when it comes to your health and metabolism?

Below are 7 critical nutrients we all, in truth, should be monitoring - but especially if we want to prioritize optimum metabolic function.

All of these nutrients are also among the most common deficiencies in our population, giving us even more reason to assess our intakes. Read on to learn more about these nutrients and about the top food sources that can help ensure we're getting our full allowance each day.


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