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Fiber: Needs, benefits and how to get more

If someone asked you how much fiber you get in each day – or how much you’re supposed to get –would you know the answer? You probably know that fiber is important for your health, but if you’re like most Americans, you’re probably not getting enough. In my work with clients, I find that many don’t know which foods contain fiber. Others have a narrow, misguided understanding of fiber sources they absorbed over the years through food marketing claims.

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Critical nutrients and their top food sources 

You probably know that taking a high-quality multivitamin can be an essential part of your weight-loss or health promoting plan, but did you know there are certain nutrients that appear to play a more critical role than others when it comes to your health and metabolism? 

Below are 5 critical nutrients we all, in truth, should be monitoring if we’re looking optimize our metabolic function. All of these nutrients are also among the most common deficiencies in our population, giving us even more reason to assess our intakes. 

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6 Critical Nutrients You’re Likely Lacking

Rickets, scurvy, goiter… When we hear the phrase “nutritional deficiencies,” our minds often wander to these dramatic, distant seeming maladies.

While it’s doubtful you’re currently struggling to treat any of these clinical and aggressively symptomatic deficits, did you know that most of us have sub-optimal levels of many key nutrients?

Even if you’re overweight, it is possible – and even common – to be under-nourished. As a result, many or most of us struggle with varying baseline levels of fatigue, moodiness, fat loss difficulties, and cravings that become our relative state of normality. (Do we remember anything else?)


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Feel the Love – from Foods That Nourish You More!

Adopting a Healthy Way of Eating means optimizing our health and getting more from our daily food choices!

A good diet should always be our first source for essential macro- and micronutrients, but some food options offer a better return than others!

See what dietary sources can nourish you more for these four vitamins and minerals. (And for more ideas about top food sources for specific nutrients, check out my earlier post that highlighted additional essential nutrients!)

Now for today's list... As always, it’s better to get a variety of healthy foods in your diet to gain a wide range of critical nutrients versus just going after improving any single nutrient. Let these lists be a helpful guide for your optimum choices!


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How Well Is Your Body Absorbing Nutrients?

Stumped and beyond frustrated at why you’re not losing those last few pounds?

Have you changed your eating habits but still experience unwanted digestive symptoms? Maybe you're simply taking a genuine interest in your health for 2015 and want to make sure you're getting the most out of your dietary efforts.

Whatever your current reason or starting place, it's important to know the factors that affect our bodies' ability to absorb the nutrients we need. Shockingly, many of the factors that impede absorption include things we do or consume on a daily basis. The result? We're not running on all cylinders, and our metabolisms are attempting to operate in a chronically impaired state.

Check out these seven factors that could be impacting your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, and read what you can do to get your food's full nutritional benefit!


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