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How to Reset Your Metabolism After the Holidays 

It happens every year. Commencing with trick-or-treaters in October and concluding in the new year, the approximately six-week holiday season stretch is simultaneously festive, celebratory, indulgent and stressful — a perfect cocktail for accelerated fat gain. Come January 1, after attending countless parties, work events and family gatherings, it’s still somehow a little surprising to find that a favorite pair of jeans have “shrunk” yet again.

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5 Game-Changing Fitness Commitments

When we only think of exercise as health routine, we miss out on so much—like challenge, adventure and motivation.

Taking on fitness commitments can help us upgrade our program to whole new levels and keep us engaged in exercise for the long haul. 

Wondering how to expand your fitness horizons beyond the same old routine and equipment? Check out these 5 inspiring challenges that can move your fitness—and weight loss—into brand new territory.


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How to Kill Your New Year’s Resolution in 5 Steps

Quick–what was your New Year’s resolution for last year? How about the year before? Can you remember? I don’t think I can either. How sad is that?

Resolutions traditionally center on self-improvement, which is admirable, but what happens between the grand intention and the (too often) failure—even forgetting? What can we learn from the cautionary tales of previous years?

Despite past foiled resolutions, the New Year’s spirit brings plenty of hopeful opportunity to make the upcoming months some of the best you’ve ever experienced. Just be sure to avoid the common pitfalls that stop your intentions in their tracks. 

Consider this a primer for what NOT to do—a 5-point map, if you will, for killing that bright, shiny, promising resolution and its potential for shaping your year. Unfortunately, too many people’s resolutions will die such a death in the coming weeks. (Above all, resolve to not be one of them!) Let's take a look now....


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Routine Re-Do: 5 Daily Shake-Ups for Big Change

How many of you are banking on big change for the New Year?

While the emphasis might be on "resolve" right now, real change happens through the daily details. What shake-ups are you ready to welcome into your routine?

Newsflash—you will not see the results you want to see by being willy-nilly in your actions! Step one: COMMIT with a can-do attitude. Then start seeing how you can start living that change today—and each day.

Check out these 5 must-have strategies for getting real with your resolutions!



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What Does It Really Take to Turn Your Health Around?

Resolutions rule this time of year, but what will ultimately make or break our personal outcomes? 

Many of us temporarily enjoy the clean slate offered by the New Year – and rightfully so. It’s easy to get caught up in the allure of a fresh start.

That said, most of us will abandon our plans long before we've even started to see progress. What separates those who let their goals fall by the wayside from those who find success?

Check out the critical factors to cultivate that will transform your health for good. 


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What Do You Resolve to Do?

The new year is here - and with it the intentions to change or improve something in the months ahead. We resolve to take control. We resolve to step up. When you take apart the annual tradition itself, it implies we feel something is awry in a serious way. The problem is even formidable enough that it requires a collective cultural event to launch whatever “out with the old” actions we need to take. We want to capitalize on the energy surrounding the change in calendar - ride the coattails of societal enthusiasm. (Why not?) Unfortunately, the January fervor tends to fizzle all too soon (as anyone who’s observed gym attendance dwindle into February knows). By all means, every one of us should be inspired by the spirit of the New Year. Use it to your advantage. Psych yourself into a new vision with it. That said, there’s got to be more to the resolution story if we want to be successful in our aim a year from now. More is required for a successful outcome than temporary fervor. If we want our resolutions to be more than pipe dreams, we need to get clear and committed, and we need to revise the concept of resolution itself. Here’s how....

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