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Top 6 Fitness Myths

If you asked a hundred people at a gym what information sources influenced their current fitness routine, you’d likely get a broad mix of good conversations and blank stares.

Some people do a version of what they see other people doing. Some do what they read about in a magazine or what they were told to do in gym class many years (or decades) ago.

Still others choose a blend of guidance from a trainer and ideas they gather from their favorite fitness websites.

What nearly all of these people would agree on, however, is the importance of efficiency. No one wants to spin their wheels during their workout time. They want results! This said, not all fitness routines will get you there in the fastest (or safest) way with the best outcomes.


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6 Misconceptions about Fitness and Weight Loss

With all the focus on dietary intervention, fitness can get short shrift in weight loss discussions.

Misunderstandings abound, and too often people tend to apply an "all or nothing" exercise approach.

When we accept that fitness is a requirement for lasting fat loss (not to mention basic health), how do we decide on a plan that will genuinely work for our weight loss efforts?

What are the mistakes to avoid, the beliefs to adjust - not to mention the strategies to employ? Check out these 6 most common misunderstandings about the role of exercise in fat loss and the corresponding truths that will put your weight loss journey on the road to sure success. 


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Myths of Strength Training

What are the biggest misunderstandings that can sidetrack your weight training success?

Whether you’re just beginning strength training or have long made the weights part of your gym experience, you undoubtedly want to maximize the benefits of your efforts.

Getting the most out of your program involves so much more than the numbers you lift. It’s important to understand how your body responds to the physical stress imposed by the weight in a variety of training contexts and timing. Read on for top strength training misconceptions and the truth behind these assumptions.


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The Myth of the Best Workout

You hear the claims all the time: “It’s the best fitness class out there!” or “You’ll never find another workout better than this!” or (my personal favorite) “This is the last fitness routine you’ll ever need!” Behind these claims, of course, is the assumption that a single program can meet all your exercise requirements. How realistic is this concept? When we consider the broad spectrum of our physical capabilities and the need to develop each for good overall fitness, what is the chance that a single approach, let alone practice, will be enough to achieve that potential? Let’s explore the question.

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Just Tell Me What to Eat

Take a walk through the diet book section at any bookstore and prepare to be amazed. There are countless books on what is considered the optimal diet for health and weight loss. It is no wonder we are confused on what to eat. Many books have an "acceptable" food list along with...

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