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A Trainers Top 3 Tips for 5k Prep

Do you ever feel defeated when your fitness goals are measured solely by the number on the scale or the image in the mirror? Me too.

If your main health and wellness goal is weight-related, sooner or later your results will fail to match your expectations, and it can be damaging to mental momentum. For this reason, I urge my clients to choose a variety of indicators to measure progress.

When was the last time you celebrated your progress using a benchmark fitness assessment? One of the benchmark fitness “tests” I suggest for clients is a 5k walk or run. It’s short enough to be approachable, but long enough to be a true test of strength, speed and endurance. Plus, 5k events are extremely common throughout the year and often benefit charitable causes.

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7 Mantras of Highly Successful Weight Loss Clients

Sometimes all you need is a little nugget to stay on your current plan - or even to gather that pivotal bit of motivation to get started.

Inspirational messages can be extremely powerful in your journey, particularly when you allow yourself to home in on a personally relevant few and work them into your daily consciousness. Just as we change the various aspects of our lifestyle through repetition, so we shift our mindset the same way.

Enter the power of the mantra - a phrase that, when regularly repeated, becomes a geuinely held belief.

Below are 7 mantras shared by members behind the Life Time Weight Loss success stories. All are short enough to memorize and potent enough to recast our self-beliefs toward personal success. Which one grabs your attention?

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How to Talk Back to Temptation!

Let's face it, the holidays can be ground zero for temptation. How will you respond this season?

Too often we assume our initial decision to be healthy will become its own fount of self-discipline. Unfortunately, life presents us with plenty of scenarios that often unexpectedly challenge our good intentions.

What do we rely on in those moments? What self-talk is running through our minds? Do we have an adequate arsenal of effective responses to draw upon?

Check out these tried-and-true comebacks used by my clients when temptation lures you.


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7 Tips for Fitness Motivation

Maybe you're just getting started on your fitness expedition - or looking for some insight on how to kickstart a new level or renewed commitment?

In any health and fitness journey, there are a few key factors that contribute significantly to our success in the long run, but we may not know which practices they are right away.

Some of us start off impressively strong, (probably too strong) and fizzle out quickly due to lack of proper planning. Others start rather willy-nilly and never get enough of a spark to achieve the results they want to see.

Whatever boat you're in, see which of these points speak to you, and use their messages to spur your success!


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10 Truths of Healthy Habit Change 

What do you think it takes to really overhaul your habits?

From a rational perspective, we'd assume it just requires the realization that different choices are in our best interest.

We'd assume it just takes intention - and maybe an updated grocery list. Throw in a gym membership, and you have the basics, yes?

Not exactly. Actual change has much more to do with our internal settings than our external environment.

Read on for more about the psychological process of behavior change, the investment that becomes habit and the unexpected elements that make or break our goals.


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7 Psychological Factors That Influence Weight Loss 

What are the most powerful questions that will determine your weight loss journey - and even outcome?

How many meals should I eat each day? What should be my macronutrient balance? What will I do for movement? How much cardio should I do? What should my resistance training routine look like?

As important as all of these issues are, I'd suggest our mindset has as much influence over our outcomes as logistical choices often do.

See which seven psychological factors I believe commonly figure into weight loss.

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Overcoming Excuses: Why to Pay Yourself First

“I just lost my job and my health insurance, but long ago I lost my health itself. I’m here to get my health back.”

This member’s statement shocked me. Even now it jolts me with the reminder that health really is so fundamental - even when other protections and cornerstones of life fall away.

Now when I hear people share similar messages about being fed up with “life” taking priority over their health, I get excited. These people mean business. They’re serious about taking control of their destinies, and nothing will stop them.

Something has pushed them into new motivational territory, and they resolve to pay themselves first. No matter how crazy “life” is, where there’s a will, there’s a way for these folks. It seems to me there’s something we should be learning here. 


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