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Is Fear Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Raise your hand if you’ve tried an all-juicing cleanse approach to weight loss. How about excessive ab exercises for days, or hours of cardio at the gym…twice a day? Most likely your last attempt to lose weight, enhance body composition or increase speed for a race wasn’t your first (and won’t be your last). It’s often these past experiences (and failures, at times) that jump-start our drive to try again.

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How Poor Body Image Holds Us Back

Quick: what’s your usual first thought when you look in the mirror?

How about when you need to shop for a new outfit for that special event or (brace yourself) a new bathing suit for that trip to the beach?

If you find your gut reaction to be anxiety, self-ridicule or embarrassment rather than excitement for your day, event or vacation, there’s a chance that a poor body image is holding you back from weight loss success (not to mention from fully enjoying your life!).

The way we look and feel about ourselves plays a central part in our healthy way of life journey.


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10 Truths of Healthy Habit Change 

What do you think it takes to really overhaul your habits?

From a rational perspective, we'd assume it just requires the realization that different choices are in our best interest.

We'd assume it just takes intention - and maybe an updated grocery list. Throw in a gym membership, and you have the basics, yes?

Not exactly. Actual change has much more to do with our internal settings than our external environment.

Read on for more about the psychological process of behavior change, the investment that becomes habit and the unexpected elements that make or break our goals.


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7 Psychological Factors That Influence Weight Loss 

What are the most powerful questions that will determine your weight loss journey - and even outcome?

How many meals should I eat each day? What should be my macronutrient balance? What will I do for movement? How much cardio should I do? What should my resistance training routine look like?

As important as all of these issues are, I'd suggest our mindset has as much influence over our outcomes as logistical choices often do.

See which seven psychological factors I believe commonly figure into weight loss.

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How You Can Learn to Love Exercise 

Long ago our prehistoric (and even pre-Industrial) ancestors had to be active. Life simply required it. Today all of our transportation and convenience options can make most activity seem obsolete.

However much our societies have evolved, the human body is still physically the same. Regardless of the seeming inconguity, we remain wired to optimally function with regular activity.

Without the pull of necessity, how can we push ourselves to not only do exercise but actually enjoy it? (The more fun we have, after all, the more motivated we'll be to stay on the path.) Check out these attitude adjusters and logistical strategies to help you learn to love your workouts more.


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What Does It Mean to “Age Well”? 

What images or scenarios come to mind when you think of "aging well"? 

Each of us grows older processing the examples of our family members as well as the societal messages we absorb about life in our later decades.

What are the messages you've received? 

Perhaps you're young enough that the concept of "aging" feels, as yet, irrelevant. Maybe you're old enough that you feel your fate is already sealed. 

Regardless of age, it's important to understand what really influences our continued vitality throughout our lifetimes. Check out these reality checks and practical takeaways for healthy living across the decades.


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Self-Talk Sabotage: 5 Messages to Dump Today

“I’m too tired,” “I’ll never fit into those jeans,” or “Why can’t I look like him?” How do these messages make you feel? Not motivated and upbeat - I can tell you that much! We all deal with self-talk on some level, but how we respond to it can make or break our success. It can also make our journeys more emotionally affirming or stressful! In order to achieve the look and health we want, we need to lose the messages that undermine these visions. Read on for 5 common statements that sabotage our motivation, and consider the lessons you can take away to empower your healthy journey. 


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