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10 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Metabolism

Is your metabolism feeling a little sluggish lately? Could it use a boost?

Clients ask me all of the time, “How can I make my metabolism faster?” People often simplify metabolism by assuming it’s all about meeting a magic number of calories each day to maintain weight (that myth debunked here). 

In reality, your metabolism encompasses thousands of reactions and interactions that take place to help build, repair, energize, and detoxify your body.

Likewise, there are many hormones related to its functioning, including your sex hormones, thyroid hormones, and stress hormones that can either help or hamper your metabolism depending on their balance. Of course, a healthy diet and regular exercise are common recommendations to help support optimal metabolic functioning, but there are plenty of other simple ways to take advantage of all your metabolic opportunities!


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5 Metabolic Secrets for Weight Management

Recently, I’ve had a few interesting exchanges over social media about what it might take to “hack” into our metabolism and change it for the better.

One conversation debated the viewpoint of weight management as an ongoing “math problem.” The fact is, even when calories are reasonably controlled (or obsessively counted in this particular case), there are factors such as food timing and macronutrient balance that ultimately exercise more influence.

Another conversation revolved around a friend’s realization that he lost five pounds off his already slender frame just by giving up gluten and dairy for a week. Surely, there must be more to this weight management process than simply eating right and exercising enough. 

 That said, I'd suggest bringing a balanced skepticism to the host of so-called bio-hackers and holistic living authorities writing and podcasting about these hot topics. Against this backdrop, you can consider five of the safest and most practical secrets to hone your metabolic health and efficiency.


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Seven Metabolism Boosting Foods

The following seven foods have been shown to positively impact metabolism in a variety of ways. As you’ll see, their benefits don’t relate only to the number of calories you burn each day. Instead, they can affect lipid profiles, inflammation, metabolic rate, blood-sugar management and even help stimulate building muscle tissue — all important for optimizing metabolism and maintaining a healthy weight.

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