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7 Things Testing Tells Us about Metabolism

Not many people I know are in the business of wasting time. Everyone wants results, and they want them yesterday - particularly when it comes to weight loss.

Despite their drive to achieve a timely outcome, however, many people begin their efforts with nothing more than a determined glance in the mirror or quick measurement on a scale.

The oversimplified nature of these “assessment” methods yields pretty skimpy data, and skimpy data usually results in misguided decisions that lack clear foundation.


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Physical Periodizations

Periodization, simply stated, is a method of changing the types, duration, frequency and intensity of workouts while also changing the balance of nutrients that are eaten.  Many athletes employ this concept in order to get their bodies ready for peak performance and the fitness enthusiast can utilize the same concept to allow them to reach their health and fitness goals more successfully. 

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