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The Healthy Way to Detox - Part 1

Spring can feel like the perfect time to start fresh with health goals.

In fact, it's a common time to read about detox regimens that kickstart those efforts.

Not every detoxification regimen, however, is safe or effective. It’s important to not only understand the benefits of detoxification but the ways an individual detox plan can support (or hinder) your body’s own detoxification efforts.

In this three part article series, we'll examine these issues and offer a guide that can help you make the best choices for your detoxification goals.


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5 Metabolic Secrets for Weight Management

Recently, I’ve had a few interesting exchanges over social media about what it might take to “hack” into our metabolism and change it for the better.

One conversation debated the viewpoint of weight management as an ongoing “math problem.” The fact is, even when calories are reasonably controlled (or obsessively counted in this particular case), there are factors such as food timing and macronutrient balance that ultimately exercise more influence.

Another conversation revolved around a friend’s realization that he lost five pounds off his already slender frame just by giving up gluten and dairy for a week. Surely, there must be more to this weight management process than simply eating right and exercising enough. 

 That said, I'd suggest bringing a balanced skepticism to the host of so-called bio-hackers and holistic living authorities writing and podcasting about these hot topics. Against this backdrop, you can consider five of the safest and most practical secrets to hone your metabolic health and efficiency.


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This Is Your Metabolism on Sleep Deprivation 

Is the state of your sleep curtailing your weight loss? If so, you aren’t alone. The majority of Americans get less than 6 hours of sleep per night. Are you among them? Does 6 hours a night actually sound like a luxury? If so, the answer to your weight loss difficulties may not begin with changing your diet and exercise but may first require an appropriate bedtime and better quality rest. Research into the metabolic effects of sleep reveals some startling insights about the role of sleep in metabolic functioning. Read on to see just how your metabolism is altered with even a few nights of insufficient or disrupted sleep.


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Facilitating Fat Loss: Tips to Optimize Metabolism 

“How do I make my metabolism faster?” For all the times it’s been asked, pondered or Googled, you could say it’s the million dollar question. I hear it from my clients all the time. The fact is, everyone wants to believe that they can speed up the fat loss process. Who doesn’t want to lose weight faster and get to the goal sooner? Yet, the idea that personal metabolism is “fast” or “slow” stems from an out-of-date notion in weight loss circles. That said, metabolism does impact the weight management picture. I tell my clients to think about their metabolism more as functional versus dysfunctional (with obvious gradations on that spectrum). The more optimally functional your metabolism is, the more efficiently it will work for you – and your weight loss. What we eat and how we move are certainly cornerstones of healthy living, but the metabolic picture is more nuanced. Optimizing metabolism involves understanding all of the lifestyle and medical factors that increase or decrease our bodies’ ability to either burn or store fat. Check out these suggestions for boosting your metabolic health and successfully facilitating fat loss!


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