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6 Unexpected Outcomes of Metabolic Testing

Everyone wants their own “perfect plan” for personal health and fitness goals. Wouldn’t it be helpful, after all, to have in hand a plan that easily and succinctly dictates how often you should exercise, which exercises you should do, how much food you should eat, and what types of foods are best for you, etc.?

The difficult part? You won’t have these answers or a “more perfect plan” until you understand your metabolism. Everyone’s metabolism is remarkably different, and what works for one individual may be detrimental to another. 

In order to have certainty that a plan is right for you versus guessing it might be, you need to know more about your metabolism. Until you’re truly healthy on the inside, you can’t look or feel your healthiest on the outside. Because you can’t see those inner dimensions of health, they must be measured. By knowing more about how your body functions, you’ll be able to more perfectly nourish and move your body to get the results you seek, making the most of your time and efforts.


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Which Fitness Investments Are Worth Making?

Many Americans are actively gaining weight this time of year with the New Year's hoopla (and the common focus on weight loss and fitness) just on the horizon. There’s certainly no shortage of programs or products in which to invest, but how do you sort through the gimmicks to find the gems worth your hard-earned dollars? A lot of that depends on you. 

Do the exciting Fitbit® and VivoFit® commercials make you want to get out of your chair and dance, hop, skip or just walk ‘til your heart’s content? Or do they make you want to laugh when you see a co-worker in business attire and a brightly-colored cube-ville activity tracker? 

One man’s trash certainly is another's treasure. In most cases, we get out of a fitness product or service what we're willing to put into it. On one end, a journal notebook and a nice pen can be adequate enough to support a radical body transformation journey. At the other extreme, it may take a more elaborate investment to snap you into those healthier patterns. Either way, it's about what can help get us to the end goal. 


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