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Fighting Fatigue: 8 Ways to Enjoy More Energy

Who doesn’t want more energy? 

Second to fat loss, decreasing fatigue is a top goal for my clientele.

Although carrying extra weight on our frames can slow us down, there are so many other dietary choices and lifestyle elements that significantly impact our energy levels.

Are you tired of dealing with low energy, brain fog or afternoon slumps? Read on to learn my eight easy strategies for boosting energy right now! 


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5 Reasons R&R Isn’t Optional

When you think of health - and especially weight loss - how do you imagine rest and relaxation fitting into that picture?

It can strike us as totally contradictory: rest and weight loss. Isn’t weight loss about effort and exertion? I’m supposed to be committing to the diligent labor of health and fitness - right?

The truth is, we absolutely do take on new endeavors when we follow a health journey. We put more care into shopping and food preparation. We hit the gym. We move more throughout the day. We get to bed earlier. In short, we put more energy into taking proper care of ourselves.

However, the underlying concept here - and the crux of real lifestyle change is this: we recalibrate our lives toward self-investment. This concept doesn’t put us on a path of unchecked exertion - but of personal balance.


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4 Ways Meditation Can Work for Your Health (and Weight Loss!)

“You want me to do what to help lose weight?” It might seem like a logical question, given the generally sedentary nature of meditation. (In fact, the concept usually conjures an image of people sitting on cushions for hours not moving a single muscle.) True, meditation’s role in a healthy way of living doesn’t have anything to do with burning calories. Nonetheless, increasing research supports its impressive and far-reaching benefits for health - and even weight loss. Consider it part of a larger lifestyle picture beyond the basics of diet and exercise. When we experiment with a meditation practice, we choose one more tool with the power to positively impact our physiological functioning - and to potentially transform our overall wellbeing. 


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