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7 Ways Meat Matters for Health

Meat matters for health. It isn’t to say vegetarians and vegans are inherently unhealthy. It isn’t to say they can’t live well and be healthy--or even be healthier than most Americans (which may be setting the bar fairly low, unfortunately). In fact, it isn’t even a statement about anyone who chooses to not eat meat. There are many compelling reasons people choose to avoid meat that have nothing to do with nutrition, and this isn’t an argument against any of those points. Saying meat matters for health simply means that animal flesh has potent health benefits that are more difficult to obtain from other food sources without incurring other, less beneficial physiological impacts. (This is particularly true when one’s diet is solely plant-based.) But we’ll get to that shortly....


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Grilling for Good Health

As the weather heats up, so do the grills. But this savory and smoky method of cooking meat does carry some health risks. Safeguard yourself and enjoy your food more with a few extra steps.

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