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Stress-Free Holiday Tips

As excitement for the holiday season continues to grow, it’s important to establish a game plan so you can make this year’s festivities as stress-free as possible. With all of the decorations, gift-giving, dinner parties, traveling and family gatherings, it can be easy to get caught up in the chaos and exhaustion. It’s a hectic time of year, and it’s often tempting to throw in the towel on healthy habits until the New Year. 

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5 Expert Meal Prep Tips That Save Time

Contrary to popular belief, meal prep doesn’t have to be complicated or laborious.

The entire point is to simplify your life – making eating healthy easier to achieve.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed as you are scrolling through your social media feeds and seeing what everyone else is doing -I know I’m guilty of following meal prep experts.  Though it can be inspirational, it can also leave you feeling like there is no way you could achieve that.

The basics of meal prep should be simple. As fitness pros – we’ve spent a lot of time perfecting this craft and teaching it to others.

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3 Time-Saving Make-Ahead Freezer Meals

Let’s face it. As much as we want to make every meal healthy and from scratch, it’s not always easy (or affordable). That’s why one of our favorite hacks to make eating healthy uncomplicated and cost-effective is freezer meals.


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4 Protein-Rich Vegetarian Recipes

You don’t need to be a vegetarian to celebrate World Vegetarian Day on October 1, because no matter what your eating preference is — we can all benefit from consuming more plant-based foods. 

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Three meals. Five ingredients.

Executing a well-prepared nutrition plan isn’t all about willpower. In fact, it’s a small piece of the whole health puzzle. What I’ve found works for anyone across the fitness and wellness spectrum is making healthy habits easier to follow. Notice I said easier, not easy! For most of us, time, energy and even money are in short supply. As a registered dietitian with a commute, hobbies and relationships to invest in, I’m often strategizing on how I can reduce the time it takes to shop for, invest in and prepare meals. I’ve also taken the time to streamline my diet to make it more affordable, quick, and of course, nutritionally dense!

One of my tried-and-true strategies to stay on track is having ingredients on-hand for no less than three easy dinners during the week. If I have at least three meals planned for the week, I can source leftovers for the other couple of days without relying on take-out or a random box of crackers and hummus to suffice as dinner. Weekends are easier to navigate because we don’t have our 9-5’s to deal with—but my weekdays are busy enough that I don’t have time to plan for and prepare elaborate meals every night of the week. And when I do, I need them to be quick and with few ingredients that I know will deliver big on flavor.


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7 Superfood Menus to Supercharge Your Diet 

How nutrient dense was your diet today?

Some foods offer us nothing positive for the calories and artificial ingredients they contain. These are the "empty" options that we want to let go of on the way to better health and successful weight loss. 

On the other hand, there are foods that serve as pinnacles of nutrition. Within an overall healthy diet, they can take our nutrition from good to great.

But what does a superfood diet really look like? How far will it take me from my normal tastes and routines? Read on for a list of the top superfoods you can enjoy - and seven menus that will help you incorporate them today. 


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10 Winning Strategies for Meal Planning and Preparation

“What am I going to eat?”

It’s one of the most common questions people have when they commit to a weight loss goal. With regard to meal planning and preparation, you might feel at a loss for skills or inspiration. Maybe you’ve never enjoyed cooking and frequently eat out. Perhaps you love to cook but feel like all your favorites are suddenly off the menu.

Regardless of your kitchen talents, if weight loss and optimal health are your goals, it’s time to incorporate better ideas and behaviors into your food routine.

Not sure where to start? Below you'll find my top ten, client-approved strategies for meal planning and preparation.


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