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Hormone metabolism and optimizing results 

Many people are catching on that losing weight goes beyond calories in, calories out. While of course energy balance does matter, our underlying physiology dictates weight loss success—including our hormones. Even if dropping pounds isn’t your primary goal, our sex hormones impact our sense of vitality, strength, sexual health, fertility, bone health, skin, and even mood and cognitive function.

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Science-backed reasons to stop ignoring stress

With over-packed schedules, career demands, busy family lives, and even fitting in important healthy habits like meal prep and exercise, there’s little time for rest and recovery. It’s the American Way. We’re inundated with stimuli all day long, from the moment we wake up until our head hits the pillow. What’s more, we pride ourselves in being busy and productive. Many of my clients tell me they thrive off of the stress and even label self-care as lazy, self-indulgent, or just flat-out unnecessary. I, too, am guilty of powering through and ignoring the warning signs of too much stress.

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