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Stress-Free Holiday Tips

As excitement for the holiday season continues to grow, it’s important to establish a game plan so you can make this year’s festivities as stress-free as possible. With all of the decorations, gift-giving, dinner parties, traveling and family gatherings, it can be easy to get caught up in the chaos and exhaustion. It’s a hectic time of year, and it’s often tempting to throw in the towel on healthy habits until the New Year. 

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3 Stress Busting Tips for Busy People From a Metabolic Expert

When was the last time you lost track of time and were completely in the moment, stress-free, and doing what you love as if you were a kid again? Was it last week, last month or decades ago? Or, perhaps you’re in the camp that legitimately cannot even recall the last time you had a relaxed or carefree moment. For most of us, it’s unlikely that we had a moment like this at some point today.

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This is Your Body on Stress

Do you struggle with lack of energy, inability to sleep through the night, poor memory or inability to lose weight no matter what you try?

One of the most common causes behind these popular complaints is the infamous 6 letter word - STRESS! In fact, up to 90% of medical visits are for stress related problems.

Ask yourself, “On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 feeling overwhelmed or overcommitted), how stressed do I feel?”

Americans have mastered the process of pushing pedal to the metal from the time they roll out of bed in the morning until they collapse in bed at night. In fact, if we let off the gas, we often feel guilty as if we’re lazy or self-indulgent. Over time, however, we can become out of touch with what should be normal (i.e. unstressful) for our bodies and mistake the usual routine for genuine health when optimum well-being actually looks (and feels) much different than what we’re used to. Today, I’ll share with you types of stressors, many hidden or unknown, their impacts on our bodies and minds, and personalized strategies to help manage stress.


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7 Fitness Classes for Stress Relief

Do you use fitness for stress relief?

Keeping a consistent fitness routine should be part of everyone’s stress management plan! I can say from personal experience that when life interferes with my exercise schedule, I immediately feel more stressed, out of control and cluttered.

On those days when stress takes its toll, many of us might feel like skipping the gym. Yet, there are many fitness classes that can actually help relieve that same stress now.

Below are some of my favorites offered at Life Time. I encourage my clients to attend them on a regular basis to maintain an everyday stress management program. Even if you’ve never visited any of these classes, however, I would recommend them as go-to options any day when stress is weighing you down!


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4 Ways Meditation Can Work for Your Health (and Weight Loss!)

“You want me to do what to help lose weight?” It might seem like a logical question, given the generally sedentary nature of meditation. (In fact, the concept usually conjures an image of people sitting on cushions for hours not moving a single muscle.) True, meditation’s role in a healthy way of living doesn’t have anything to do with burning calories. Nonetheless, increasing research supports its impressive and far-reaching benefits for health - and even weight loss. Consider it part of a larger lifestyle picture beyond the basics of diet and exercise. When we experiment with a meditation practice, we choose one more tool with the power to positively impact our physiological functioning - and to potentially transform our overall wellbeing. 


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6 Ways to Live a Less Frazzled Life

Hard Fact: your response to stress may be a greater determinant for how healthy you’ll be in the future than the food you put in your mouth or the workout you fit into your schedule. Most people understand that exercising for several hours every day is a bad idea. It’s too much for the body to recover from. However, we miss that same connection when we work and push our mental abilities for 10-12 hours, six to seven days per week. With long hours and multiple running lists of chores, errands, and other obligations, we live a harried lifestyle in which personal fulfillment comes last and stress runs rampant. Without mental rest and personal replenishment, this type of unrelenting stress will take a serious toll on our health--unless we choose otherwise.

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5 Roadblocks to Success

In a previous article, Stress, Resilience, and Removing Roadblocks, we met Ernie – a guy trying his hardest to lose the flab around his belly but not realizing much success.  In fact Ernie finds himself faced with several roadblocks.  Today’s article will address the biggest roadblocks and put Ernie back on the fast track to seeing results

Let’s get to the bottom of this situation.

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