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10 “Lazy” Tricks for Healthy Eating

When it comes to nutrition, who isn’t looking for ways to make “healthy eating” more convenient?

We all deal with countless demands on our time and energy each day (e.g. work, commutes, family responsibilities). The fact is, the “easy” road often wins out.

And, of course, we have constant access to a plethora of processed foods that are always ready and waiting to fill that call for convenience.

However, don’t wave that white flag just yet! What if the easy way didn’t have to mean the unhealthy way? There’s nothing wrong with wanting some “low threshold” strategies to create a better diet! In fact, they can be cornerstones in your eating approach if they help you maintain your daily commitment. Check out these 10 simple tricks you can use today that will reward you with big returns for a low effort investment!


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Recipe Roundup: Shakes and Smoothies

In the hustle and bustle of life, we naturally look for convenience wherever we can. When we commit to a health journey, the question becomes this: how can desired convenience and healthy eating conjoin?

Enter shakes! - a powerful, efficient and tasty way to get your needed nutrients.

Consider them for post-workout nutrition, meal replacement or even “dessert"! If you’ve thought of shakes as simply powder, liquid and ice, however, you’ve been selling them short!

Read on for more than a dozen great recipes that incorporate the full lineup of proteins, veggies, fruits and other real food choices.


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