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A Beginner's Guide to Macros (Fat, Carbs and Protein)

The appeal of a fresh start this January has New Year’s resolutions running hot, with many of us ready to buckle down and re-prioritize our health after an eventful holiday season. With the cookies and cocktails long gone, our energy and determination can now shift to launch us full throttle into a year that will be the year: the year to lose body fat, to keep it off, to gain strength, to reclaim energy, to increase vitality and, most important, to find the approach that works for your unique metabolism.

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How to Cut Your Carb Intake

Are too many carbs getting in the way of your fat loss?

Although most people know eating too many carbohydrates can negatively impact our health and waistlines, this simple recommendation is one of the hardest behaviors for many to implement on their weight loss journeys.

Perhaps you’re intimidated by this kind of fundamental dietary change. Maybe you’ve tried breaking up with carbs before with minimal to no success?

Whatever the current role of carbs in your diet or your past experience in trying to reduce them, the following tips can help you re-envision a lower carbohydrate lifestyle. Read on to learn simple and effective ways to reduce your carb intake for the long haul!


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How a Nutrient-Dense Diet Fights Fat 

While blasting calories away at the gym does help offset some of what we consume, it’s not the primary answer to fighting fat. 

Ask any of our most successful clients, and they will all simultaneously tell you proper nutrition is the ticket. 

Have you not quite bought into that approach? Read on to see just how this model is possible. 

Still skeptical? Try making these shifts in your diet for just 30 days (Heck, even 10 days!), and see how your life (and pant size) changes.


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Why a Calorie Isn’t Just a Calorie

Fat, carb, protein - does it really matter what form a calorie comes in? 

In the tidy little illusion of calorie math, no. We treat calories like currency – all totals being equal whether counted in coins, bills, or silver bars.

Yet, is a calorie really a calorie, no matter the form or source? Under all conditions to all individuals at all times?

We tend to think this way. Yet, the science begs to differ. 


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