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5 Reasons You Should Do a Weight Loss Competition

Humans are competitive by nature. We enjoy a challenge, and we love to win.

In our “want/need to lose weight" society, it’s no surprise that weight loss competitions have become so popular over the past several years. From a local pool with your coworkers all the way to a popular, dramatized T.V. show, these contests encourage keeping your eye on the prize.  

Unfortunately, many people dismiss the prospect of joining a competition because they feel they have no chance of actually winning.

In a weight loss competition, however, winning the challenge shouldn't be your only possible—and positive—outcome. Imagine what participating could do for your journey, and check out these five favorite reasons offered by our past 90-Day Challenge participants.

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14 Ways to Get Fatter

The majority of people who talk about weight management solutions still hold tight to the idea that weight management is a simple process of managing calories in and calories out. We’ll get into the complexity of this very idea next week, but to set the stage, I wanted to share 14 ways to help you get fatter. Rather than talking about what you should do to lose body fat, you may learn more if you know what works to become fatter. When you become aware of the many causes of weight gain, you’ll understand why the approach we take at Life Time Weight Loss is more complicated, and more personalized, than most other weight management systems.   

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Kristy's Private Weight Loss Journey - Week 4

  • Starting weight (2/14): 204.8
  • Current weight (3/13): 196.6
  • Goal weight: 150-155
  • Pounds lost: 8.2

This week I settled into the middle portion of the Private Weight Loss program. The huge changes I've made to what I eat, when and how I exercise, how I sleep, and what I do to manage stress are taking root and becoming habits. Before I started this journey, I had so many excuses for why I wasn't getting healthy. I didn't have time to figure out how to eat healthier. I was too tired to be active. Work was too busy to make it to the gym. I was full of reasons why I couldn't or wouldn't change my life. Now, when I look back, I shake my head and wonder what in the world I was thinking.

A good example of how much my life has changed came this past Sunday when I went for my first outdoor jog in a very, very long time. I set out with the goal of jogging continuously for 50 minutes, only halfway believing that I would actually make it. I had managed shorter intervals of jogging on the treadmill, but never longer than 15 minutes at a time. I knew this would definitely be a

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6 Reasons You're Not Losing Body Fat

Are you frustrated with your attempts at dropping body fat? Do you feel like you’re doing all the right things without seeing results? Don’t give up. Weight management is not a calorie-counting equation. Weight won’t fall off just from dripping puddles of sweat on the stepmill.  The following are six common reasons people fail to see the weight loss they’d expect.

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How to Win a Weight Loss Competition

February is here, and in the Life Time Fitness world, this means the launch of the next LifeTime WeightLoss 90-Day Challenge!  Soon our clubs will be filled with our top contenders, eager to weigh in and launch their own weight loss program with hopes of being crowned their clubs’ champions, or even the national winner!  Competitions and challenges are great motivators to get started on a weight loss journey, but who doesn’t want a little advantage?  Whether you are competing in the 90-Day, another weight loss contest, or just with yourself, make sure you set yourself up for success from the get go!

Below are 5 things real winners make sure they address at the start of the competition.  Spend some time in each one of these areas and confirm your plan of attack, for you might be the next big weight loss contender! 

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