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The Real Lowdown on Lipids

You would be hard-pressed to think of many health topics covered more than cholesterol, yet most people know little beyond a few elemetary (and somewhat flawed) basics.

Cholesterol coverage in the media, as common as it is, generally offers more drama than information. Even in the doctor’s office, many of my clients come away with more of a vague impression than a concrete understanding of the role lipids play in their overall health, let alone the meaning of their individual numbers.

Nonetheless, significant decisions surrounding lifestyle and medications (along with their corresponding cost and side effects) are made based on simplified tests every day. Lipids are an important part of your health picture and of your longevity and vitality. Knowledge matters. Here's what you should know.


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Full-Fat or Non-Fat Dairy: Which Is More Heart-Healthy?

  It seems like almost every time the recommendation for dairy is made for the diet, it includes the descriptor of “low fat” or “non-fat.” In fact, it’s so common that many people, when shopping for dairy, scan the coolers looking for low fat and non-fat on the front of the package. Are there any proven health benefits to avoiding full-fat dairy? Will choosing low-fat dairy help us reduce calorie intake and lose weight? Will reduced-fat dairy lessen the chance of getting heart disease or having a stroke? If we skip the fat in dairy, will we miss out on any important nutrients? Is there a difference in how the body responds to full-fat milk versus full-fat cheese, butter or cream? A new article published in Advances in Nutrition provides an extensive review answering some of these questions. Highlights from the article are included in the sections below.

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Life Time Weight Loss Interview | Dr. William Davis - Wheat Belly

Dr. William Davis was gracious enough to accept some interview questions, and as you’ll see below, certainly provided some thoughtful responses to the questions I posed. I ordered Wheat Belly shortly after it became available in the Kindle store and had a hard time putting it down. As someone who dealt with daily hip pain for years, until I removed wheat from my diet in 2009, the book certainly peaked my interest. With friends and family members dealing with heart disease, insulin resistance, arthritis, degenerative nervous system diseases, digestive problems and more, reading Dr. Davis’ book is worthwhile. Knowing something and doing something about it are two different things, though. There’s nothing to lose by giving up wheat (although that means a 100% commitment every day if you’re going to notice a difference), and possibly much to gain. Consider Dr. Davis’ point of view below. Order his book or check out his website for more information, and of course, keep the conversation going below in the comments section after reading the rest of this interview. Enjoy!

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