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30 Days – 30 Healthy Experiments

Major health change happens with 1000 modest efforts. 

While the "big basics" (e.g. the Healthy Way of Eating, resistance training, ample movement, quality sleep, etc.) universally hold, you’d be surprised at how much license you have to "play" on the path to good health.

Viewing our journeys through the lens of experimentation can underscore the truth that our commitments are made and remade every day - choice by choice. It can also encourage us to try on new practices that fit our interests and progress us further in our lifestyle change.

What new ideas have you attempted lately? Check out these 30 health experiments that span the spectrum from lighthearted to illuminating, and see where the month takes you!  


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5 Lifestyle Factors That Keep You Fat

Now that I have your attention... No, it’s not the kind of title you’re used to seeing on our blog. (Let me get to that point in a minute actually.) As a weight loss division, we talk (and write) a lot about what it takes to lose fat. We very much want you and every one of our clients to succeed in that enterprise. In the midst of all the nutrition and fitness education, however, we as dietitians, trainers and weight loss coaches often find ourselves seeing interesting “lifestyle” themes in our clients’ stories that appear to play a significant role in their weight related journeys. They’re the practices, inclinations and assumptions that figure into the first part of any success story. What got us here? What happened along the road of life that led us to gain weight we never wanted? What did we somehow (often unconsciously) learn to accept in our lives that gradually eroded our health and wellbeing? Next, of course, in any success story comes the reckoning – and the resulting turn around. What shook us awake? What recognitions opened us to see our lifestyles in a new way and helped us become willing to embrace new changes and attitudes? What did we learn to revise in our lifestyles that allowed us to lose the weight and gain a more energetic, healthier life?


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