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8 Ways to Maximize Your Membership

You're paying for a Life Time membership, but have you considered all it gives you access to? It's part of defining what YOUR Life Time will mean for your journey.

Maybe when you registered, you were simply focused on getting back to the "gym." In actuality that day, you joined a healthy way of life destination! What could this mean for your personal goals and interests?

I think of my own trips to the gym (many days I'm there multiple times a day!), and it could mean everything from workouts and tri-training sessions to healthy lunches and hair appointments, from chiropractor visits to hot tub sessions at the end of a long day. 

How are you maximizing your member benefits, and what other Life Time offerings could be serving your experience today? Learn 8 ways you can make that membership work harder for your healthy life!


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6 Unexpected Outcomes of Metabolic Testing

Everyone wants their own “perfect plan” for personal health and fitness goals. Wouldn’t it be helpful, after all, to have in hand a plan that easily and succinctly dictates how often you should exercise, which exercises you should do, how much food you should eat, and what types of foods are best for you, etc.?

The difficult part? You won’t have these answers or a “more perfect plan” until you understand your metabolism. Everyone’s metabolism is remarkably different, and what works for one individual may be detrimental to another. 

In order to have certainty that a plan is right for you versus guessing it might be, you need to know more about your metabolism. Until you’re truly healthy on the inside, you can’t look or feel your healthiest on the outside. Because you can’t see those inner dimensions of health, they must be measured. By knowing more about how your body functions, you’ll be able to more perfectly nourish and move your body to get the results you seek, making the most of your time and efforts.


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What a Blood Test Can Tell You

Let me begin with myself for a second. I’m not in perfect health.

Nonetheless, I know for a fact that I’m able to target specific behaviors to maximize how good I feel in a day and how long I’ll live a vitality filled life - because my blood tells me so.

I’m 30-years-old, but I still make it a priority to know where I stand in terms of my chronic health risks (particularly those in my family history).

I use this hard "blood test" data to adjust my health choices (e.g. nutrition, supplementation, fitness, stress management, etc.) in a detailed fashion. Trending my health allows me to partner more effectively with all of my healthcare providers (e.g. coaches, experts, and - when needed - physicians). I’ve chosen to prioritize preventative health in this way, and I advise my clients to as well for the sake of their own vitality today and their longevity later. 


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Thyroid As Thermostat: Is Yours Broken? 

It’s a disease that affects approximately 20 million Americans. Yet, up to 60% of people with thyroid dysfunction aren’t aware of their condition.

The cause of the disease itself is largely unknown or at least often misunderstood. Nonetheless, it can wreak havoc on cardiovascular health, bone health, or fertility.

What’s more - the common diagnosis and treatment methods are often vastly ineffective at reversing the disease pattern or alleviating the symptoms people experience.


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The Real Lowdown on Lipids

You would be hard-pressed to think of many health topics covered more than cholesterol, yet most people know little beyond a few elemetary (and somewhat flawed) basics.

Cholesterol coverage in the media, as common as it is, generally offers more drama than information. Even in the doctor’s office, many of my clients come away with more of a vague impression than a concrete understanding of the role lipids play in their overall health, let alone the meaning of their individual numbers.

Nonetheless, significant decisions surrounding lifestyle and medications (along with their corresponding cost and side effects) are made based on simplified tests every day. Lipids are an important part of your health picture and of your longevity and vitality. Knowledge matters. Here's what you should know.


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What's the Real Impact of Glucose Imbalance?

If you answer yes or “unsure” to more than three of the following questions, this article is for you.

  • Are you irritable if you miss a meal - or jittery/anxious if you go more than 4 hours without food?
  • Do you crave carbohydrates (e.g. bread, potatoes, or pasta) or sweets excessively (daily)?
  • Are you calmer after eating?
  • Have you been diagnosed with diabetes, insulin resistance, or metabolic syndrome?
  • Are you more than 20 pounds over your ideal body weight with the majority of weight gain around your mid-section?
  • Do you have an elevated waist to hip ratio?
  • Do you have sporadic energy boosts and drops throughout the day?
  • Do you feel unusual thirst or hunger?
  • Do you get a headache if you go too long without eating?
  • Is your fasting blood sugar above 90mg/dL?

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7 Things Testing Tells Us about Metabolism

Not many people I know are in the business of wasting time. Everyone wants results, and they want them yesterday - particularly when it comes to weight loss.

Despite their drive to achieve a timely outcome, however, many people begin their efforts with nothing more than a determined glance in the mirror or quick measurement on a scale.

The oversimplified nature of these “assessment” methods yields pretty skimpy data, and skimpy data usually results in misguided decisions that lack clear foundation.


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