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Top 10 Junk Food Traps (and How to Resist!)

We can keep our cupboards and refrigerator filled with healthy fare. We can avoid the drive thru and other eating establishments that offer subpar choices. 

But what about the junk food snares that we encounter as we simply go about our day? 

We can't always control our environments, but we can often anticipate potential problems and do our best to pre-empt the enticements we'll regret later.

See which 10 scenarios my clients call their biggest "traps," and learn what tactics you can use to avoid temptation. 


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Indulgence: Friend or Foe for Weight Loss?

Do you allow room for indulgence in your weight loss program, or do you say no in fear it will sabotage your results?

“Treating” ourselves tends to be a hot topic among my clients. There’s often an underlying anxiety about never being able to eat x, y, or z food ever again once they start a healthier eating regime.

One concept I always teach, however, is that behind every long-term success story, there is always a healthy lifestyle that included an indulgence now and then.

Just how do we navigate the road of “progress, not perfection” in this way? How do we give indulgence room in our eating plans without setting us back in our habit change and fat loss? Read on for strategies to help discern how indulgence can best complement our healthy way of life.


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15 Foods that Deserve a Final Goodbye

Hard truth of the day: moderation isn't the key to a healthy diet or successful weight loss. 

Now that I have your attention, let me say that I do believe most of us can thoughtfully indulge in certain favorite but not quite on-plan foods once in a while. Moderation can often be a situational strategy, but it's rarely the linchpin for an effective plan.

You've likely heard the guideline. If we eat healthily 80% of the time, we can use the remaining 20% to enjoy a little leeway during dinners out or the occasional family gathering. 

That said, not all foods truly deserve a place in our dietary lineup. Some choices frankly offer no nutritional benefit for the chemical ingredient and sugar shock toll they take on us. We may consistently downplay their sabotaging influence on our weight loss success. Additionally, many if not most of us have certain foods that invariably trigger us into unhealthy or excessive patterns no matter how "moderate" our intentions. 

Are some ideas already coming to mind? Check out these fifteen food products I suggest clients kick for good.


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