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How to Throw a Healthy Holiday Party

How many times have you attended a party and been relegated to munching on raw carrots for the evening?

Parties, as much as we love them, can be some of our biggest eating challenges. With the chip and cracker staples and the overflowing dessert table, it’s little wonder the best advice is often to eat before you go.

When the party is yours to host or when you have the chance to share a dish (or two), however, suddenly the spread can become a lot more health-friendly.


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30 Days – 30 Healthy Experiments

Major health change happens with 1000 modest efforts. 

While the "big basics" (e.g. the Healthy Way of Eating, resistance training, ample movement, quality sleep, etc.) universally hold, you’d be surprised at how much license you have to "play" on the path to good health.

Viewing our journeys through the lens of experimentation can underscore the truth that our commitments are made and remade every day - choice by choice. It can also encourage us to try on new practices that fit our interests and progress us further in our lifestyle change.

What new ideas have you attempted lately? Check out these 30 health experiments that span the spectrum from lighthearted to illuminating, and see where the month takes you!  


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12 Tips to Boost Healthy Food Flavor

When we adopt the Healthy Way of Eating, we leave behind the world of high-octane, processed food products - and the distorted effects they've left on our taste buds. We learn to appreciate the natural flavor of real food.

The fact is, once we settle into a new routine of cooking, the creativity starts to unfold. Experimentation in the kitchen leads to variety. Exploration opens up a whole new world of options. Fresh, natural food becomes more satisfying. We even begin to prefer it actually.... 

Pretty soon, we look back and can’t understand why we let ourselves miss out on genuinely good food for so long.

But what does the transition from store-bought packaged products to succulent home cooking look like? Check out these simple cooking choices that enhance healthy food's natural flavor. 


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5 Reasons R&R Isn’t Optional

When you think of health - and especially weight loss - how do you imagine rest and relaxation fitting into that picture?

It can strike us as totally contradictory: rest and weight loss. Isn’t weight loss about effort and exertion? I’m supposed to be committing to the diligent labor of health and fitness - right?

The truth is, we absolutely do take on new endeavors when we follow a health journey. We put more care into shopping and food preparation. We hit the gym. We move more throughout the day. We get to bed earlier. In short, we put more energy into taking proper care of ourselves.

However, the underlying concept here - and the crux of real lifestyle change is this: we recalibrate our lives toward self-investment. This concept doesn’t put us on a path of unchecked exertion - but of personal balance.


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Recipe Round-up: Late Spring Veggies 

While mid-summer bounty garners the most attention, late spring delivers plenty of tasty, nutrient-dense vegetables we can incorporate into our healthy way of eating. These months deliver the first tempting crops of greens, herbs, onions and other “early” veggies. While these days we certainly have the luxury of never being limited to what's in season locally, eating seasonally can encourage us to experiment with new foods - particularly with produce. Whether you're looking to up your veggie intake or interested in trying out more seasonal fare, check out this four-course, spring-oriented menu - from soup to (pine) nuts. 


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20 Ideas to Turn Healthy Living into Family Fun

When we know how good a healthy life feels, we undoubtedly want to share the benefits with those we love. Getting the whole family on board with better practices means we not only have an easier time meeting our individual goals but enjoy knowing we’re passing on the love of a healthy lifestyle to our children. With the return of warm weather, it's the perfect time to re-envision your family routines and imagine new opportunities for sharing healthy eating and active living together. Want a few ideas to get you started? Below you’ll find 20 ways to make healthy living fun for the whole crew!


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10 Tips for De-Stressing This Holiday Season

The holidays... Research suggests nearly 40% of people experience higher stress levels during the season with participants citing lack of time, lack of money, the push of commercialism and an increase in responsibility as their top stessors. Many of us undoubtedly identify with these pressures. We worry about mounting bills and crammed schedules. There are some weeks we may feel like we’re white-knuckling it, staying up late and stressing about meeting all obligations until a distant free night when we can kick back and do the luxury of absolutely nothing. I once heard the clever advice that we should devote an hour to self-care each day except when we're particularly busy, and then we should take two hours. Whether we fill the full 60 (let alone 120 minutes) a day isn’t the point as much as the larger principle itself. When we’re at our most stretched, that’s exactly the time we need to ratchet up our self-care. How are you caring for yourself this season? Beyond the basics of health, check out these 10 ways (among many) to de-stress and recharge this month. 


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