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How-To Fitness: What to Do with 10 Minutes

Maybe it's about running short on time. Perhaps it’s about adding to your daily exercise investment.

Whatever the case, when we find ourselves with a few strategic minutes, we can do more than kill time on our phones.

How about fitting in more movement - even an intense, albeit brief, round of cardio or resistance work instead?

While we should be shooting for several hours of overall workout time each week, how we divide that is up to us. Ultimately, it’s not about the length of each workout but the full extent of our fitness commitment.

In the midst of that overall goal, ten minutes matters. Let’s look at several ideas for making that happen. 


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Do Abbreviated Workouts Actually Work?

“Do these short workouts (15 minutes or less) you see in fitness magazines really work?”

It's a common question I get as a trainer. First and foremost, let me say that pretty much any workout or training program will “work” (as in make positive changes) if you follow the nutrition advice of our registered dietitians, weight loss counselors or Flourish content.

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Change of Pace: Why Switching Your Exercise Speed Matters

The human body will always choose the path of least resistance, meaning it will only adapt enough to perform the task at hand – and nothing more.

We can apply this understanding to our daily exercise routine and thereby anticipate essential principles for our fitness success. For one, if we don’t change up our exercise variables, we’ll inevitably undercut our fitness progress.

One key variable that garners little to no attention is the pace at which we perform our exercise. Our rest periods, our running pace, and the speed at which we lift and lower weights all create different physiological responses. These speed related factors are powerful enough to improve our performance or render us stagnant.


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How-To Fitness: Interval Workouts and Recovery 

You’ve likely heard (or experienced) the impressive benefits of interval workouts. For the short time investment, interval training offers major bang for your buck in terms of fat burning, body composition change, cardiovascular conditioning, and insulin sensitivity. But workouts this demanding require special attention to design and recovery. Let’s take apart the interval model and some key recommendations for including it in your fitness program.

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