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Everything You Need to Know about Insulin and Fat Storage

When you hear the word insulin, what comes to mind? For most, it’s a neighbor, cousin or friend that is among the estimated 9.4% of Americans who have diabetes (9 out of 10 of which are Type 2, which is often more lifestyle driven).1,2 While, yes, the prevalence of diabetes is no doubt on the rise, not a single person is immune to the massive impact that insulin and blood sugar regulation have on body composition, longevity and overall health outcomes. Imbalances in blood sugar regulation are important to consider not only for efficient fat loss, but also due to the undeniable associations with cardiovascular disease risk, blood vessel damage, breast cancer, cognitive decline, increased levels of androgens (characteristically “male” hormones) in women and increased levels of estrogen in men, and overall risk of death.3-6

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6 Ways You Misunderstand Your Metabolism

 Quick—what would you be willing to give up in exchange for a fast metabolism? 

To consume all the ice cream you want and not gain a pound? To have tacos help you fit into your skinny jeans? To get washboard abs from an easy, one-hour treatment? It seems that every time we turn around, another fad diet, infomercial, or weight loss gimmick promises us easy results and a swift metabolic boost. 

The truth is, “metabolism” is a word that encompasses the literally thousands of chemical reactions needed for us to be functioning human beings. It’s incredibly complex—so much so that not even scientists claim to understand every detail. 

Unfortunately, the deafening amount of weight loss quackery out there chronically over-simplifies this process and continually feeds us fantasy “fixes.”

Who’s ready for truth and clarity on the subject? Read on to help sift through the many metabolic myths and to learn what you really can do about your metabolic functioning. 


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