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Performance Enhancement Part 4: Manage Inflammation 

Creating the right internal environment for a healthy metabolism is foundational for improving performance.

Your metabolism, which involves the hormones you produce, nutrients you absorb and utilize, and the toxins you eliminate, dictates your ability to manage the stress of higher intensity exercise.

Another factor that can disrupt your metabolism is chronic inflammation.

If unmanaged, it can sabotage your ability to reach the types of physical performance you may desire. Even worse, it can increase the likelihood of injury and degenerative disease.

Exercise itself can increase inflammation, which means managing existing chronic inflammation is important before increasing training intensity or volume.


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The Insidious Story of Inflammation: What It Is and Why It Matters

Inflammation - it’s a technical process but not a complicated story.

In short, a long time ago our bodies evolved the incredible ability to respond to injury and infection through a rather ingenious process of self-repair.

What a lucky development, huh? But wait! Now we see inflammation all over health news with the media equivalent of emergency sirens blaring and public health officials’ urgent calls to action.

What gives? How did something so necessary to human survival become public enemy #1?

Are we really talking about the same bodily process? Is the media just inflaming the inflammation headlines?

In short, yes and no, respectively. Let’s back up a bit, however, and look at how A becomes B - how healthy inflammation becomes unhealthy inflammation - and what it all has to do with you

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Does Weight Influence Autoimmune Dysfunction?

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder? Chances are - yes.

In fact, some 50 million Americans today have one or more autoimmune related disorders. 

Why are we seeing such a rapid climb in these diagnoses? While genetics appear to predispose many of us, experts now believe that the development of these disorders must be set in motion or "triggered" by other external factors such as environmental exposures and lifestyle choices. Obesity and excess weight can also figure into our risk for autoimmune dysfunction.


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Heading off Hypertension

According to recent research, the occurrence of high blood pressure has been trending down a little, even with the growing rates of overweight and obesity. While this is a positive sign for a major health risk factor, it’s likely this is more a result of drug therapies than it is positive lifestyle choices. After all, Americans’ growing waistlines would suggest we’re not getting healthier.

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Belly Fat is Worse than it Looks

With two-thirds of our population being overweight, it’s easy to think that hanging on to an extra twenty or thirty pounds of body fat isn’t so bad. After all, most people are worse off than that. We’re at a point today where being at a healthy body weight is the exception, not the rule, which makes it easier to accept the extra weight. What’s the hurt in having a little extra fat around the belly? Isn’t it a normal part of aging anyway?

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Fighting Inflammation

As far back as 2000 years ago, warmth, pain, swelling and redness were seen as signs of inflammation. These signs can still be used today to help describe the prevalence of inflammation in the body.(1) Inflammation can be as beneficial as it is detrimental to our health. Following acute injuries, inflammation supports the healing process. However, chronic inflammation can be detrimental to health. It is associated with...

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