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7 Critical Steps to Re-Establish Gut Health

Ask yourself the following questions (even if you feel fine overall).

Do I take medications – including oral birth control pills? Have I used antibiotics in heavy doses or in the recent past? Do I notice fatigue or “foggy” thinking on a frequent basis?  Do I have skin problems? Am I depressed? Do I get frequent infections (e.g. colds)? Do I experience uncontrolled hunger, heartburn, gas, bloating, diarrhea and/or constipation? Have I been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition?

Your answers can beg the further question: what’s the state of your gut?



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Benefits of Probiotics

When you think about bacteria, what comes to mind? Germs? Illness? Health? Do you know health, fitness and weight management depend on the millions of bacteria in your digestive system? We tend to have the perspective that bacteria are bad, but in truth, there are many bacteria we rely on. Without them, a variety of health complications may occur. If your healthy bacteria levels are low, probiotics may be just what you need.

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Glutamine: A Supplement for Every Body?

Most supplements are easy to put into categories, such as basic health, weight loss, sports performance or anti-aging. Glutamine is one of a small number of supplements that seems to find a role in any of the categories mentioned above. We’ll take a look at this important nutrient and see how it can fit in with your health or fitness program.

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Glutamine: More Than a Supplement for Athletes

There are many dietary supplements that do one thing well, such as support gains in lean body mass and strength like creatine monohydrate, or support restful sleep like melatonin. Glutamine is one of a few dietary supplements that can benefit the body in many different ways. We'll take a look at some of the benefits of this very important amino acid.

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