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Here's what 30 grams of protein look like

Increasing your protein has been a longtime recommendation in the fitness industry.  Fit pros have long known (what more and more research continues to show) that a higher protein diet not only supports a lean body, but also has a long list of other benefits including improving satiety, increases overall calorie expenditure, supporting lean-body-mass maintenance, support recovery from exercise and improve bone density.

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Protein Intake for Strength Training Gains

We know that strength training is key for maintaining and building muscle mass, but the best benefits come when these fitness endeavors are matched with appropriate nutrition adjustments.

This includes the addition of extra protein.

But even that's only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

How much protein do we really need? And when is it best timed with our workouts?

Check out the answers to these questions and more as Paul unpacks the appropriate role of protein in a strength training program and the specifics that research suggests regarding optimum dose and timing. 


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7 Ways Meat Matters for Health

Meat matters for health. It isn’t to say vegetarians and vegans are inherently unhealthy. It isn’t to say they can’t live well and be healthy--or even be healthier than most Americans (which may be setting the bar fairly low, unfortunately). In fact, it isn’t even a statement about anyone who chooses to not eat meat. There are many compelling reasons people choose to avoid meat that have nothing to do with nutrition, and this isn’t an argument against any of those points. Saying meat matters for health simply means that animal flesh has potent health benefits that are more difficult to obtain from other food sources without incurring other, less beneficial physiological impacts. (This is particularly true when one’s diet is solely plant-based.) But we’ll get to that shortly....


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Weight Loss Q&A: Ask the Staff

Looking for expert advice on your fitness routine or eating plan? Our Flourish Q&A series is at your service. While we encourage members to connect with Life Time trainers and dieticians in the gyms, our corporate staff can be a resource as well. That’s certainly the point of our Flourish publication, and we’re interested in your questions for the newsletter. Every other week, our corporate and field staff will offer up answers to questions you share about your weight loss and health journey. Just include your questions in the comment section of any Q&A post. We hope our series can be one more LTWL resource that helps you maximize your personal success. This week, join Personal Trainer Corey Grenz and Registered Dietician Paul Kriegler as they take up the question of whether we can ever eat too much protein or fat.

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How to Eat More Protein

We all need protein. No matter your age, your weight or dietary preference, protein is essential to our health and often a primary recommendation when coaching individuals on how to improve their nutrition and meal quality. Although most people would say they know protein is important, many struggle to meet their full requirement. The reasons are many, but a little preparation and some creative inspiration go a long way toward ensuring the necessary intake. Do you get enough? Learn how much protein you need and gain how-to tips for working in more quality protein throughout your day. 

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