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The Hormone Both Men and Woman Should Be Concerned About  

When it comes to fat loss, most people think that all results ultimately boil down to a simple calorie balance equation. Burn more than you take in, and there should be a linear path to success. Of course, calories matter, but there are several other factors that can impact your results and how your body burns calories in the first place. Underlying physiology often dictates the response to your nutrition and exercise (it goes both ways), with one key factor of this underlying physiology being hormone health.

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3 Stress Busting Tips for Busy People From a Metabolic Expert

When was the last time you lost track of time and were completely in the moment, stress-free, and doing what you love as if you were a kid again? Was it last week, last month or decades ago? Or, perhaps you’re in the camp that legitimately cannot even recall the last time you had a relaxed or carefree moment. For most of us, it’s unlikely that we had a moment like this at some point today.

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One Hormone Everyone Should be Tracking for Optimal Fat Loss 

When we say we feel “hormonal,” we’re usually referring to feeling upset, stressed, or tense. It’s less common to consider our hormonal make-up when we’re frustrated about a weight-loss or fitness plateau. 

When we hit these plateaus, it’s common to fall into the trap of randomly trying a new diet, exercise or supplement, to get the scale moving in our favor. 

Fact: Hormones do impact fat loss, as well as how you feel and function every day. 

If you’re struggling to lose fat or build muscle, you might be fighting an uphill battle with your own physiology.

That’s why you’ll hear top fitness professionals recommend lab assessments and testing. Until your internal fitness is set to achieve optimal external results — all the diets, exercises and supplements in the world may not be as effective.

While we could put together an entire series on hormones alone — if you want to look and feel your best —there are a few heavy hitters to keep a pulse on. One of the consistent top contenders for most influential spot surprisingly applies to both men and women: Testosterone. Often thought of as a male hormone (because men have a higher quantity than women), this mighty compound can influence weight and vitality for both genders. Let’s dig in to learn more. 

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Are Hormones to Blame for Weight Regain?

While we most often talk about weight loss, weight loss maintenance can be just as significant a challenge in many circumstances.

The prospect of long-term weight management can feel like a continual, intimidating and emotional struggle for many of us.

How many times have we reached a weight goal, only to return to where we started - or a few steps back - only a few months later? How many times have we resolved that this time would be the last time?

Is it just our willpower and our choices, or does our physiology figure into the picture as well? When we talk about weight maintenance (or regain), do hormones play a part? What does that mean for our ongoing efforts?


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What Men Must Know about Hormones and Health 

Gentlemen, do you know how your hormones are influencing your fitness performance, aging experience, and overall wellbeing?

Hormones are chemical messengers our bodies use to maintain physiological homeostasis or to adapt to new inputs.

To some degree, aging naturally produces gradual decreases in hormone levels and effectiveness.  However, to a much larger extent, we have control over the fate of our body’s internal environment. 


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Top 6 Menopause Myths

Women today are living longer, healthier lives, yet negative myths abound when it comes to the menopause transition. Given that women spend at least one-third of their lives post-menopause, it’s critical to embrace the stage as a time for growth and vitality. Although challenges often come with this hormonal shift, menopause doesn’t need to be the downgrade in health it’s often made out to be. Many symptoms, in fact, can be managed through lifestyle changes or, in some cases, natural supplementation. When we fully understand our bodies and how our hormones are impacted during menopause, we have the power to shape our future health and wellbeing. Read on for 6 common menopause myths and the corresponding health realities.


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4 Ways Winter Can Impact Weight

I think most of us can agree that it’s been an especially rough winter with below normal temps in much of the country and some major wallops for snowstorms. Although it’s only early February, the pitch of our collective cabin fever might suggest it’s several weeks later than it is. Just as our moods might need a little extra care and inspiration this time of year, it’s also a logical time to put more thought and creative effort into our health. Research demonstrates that winter is peak season for weight gain as well as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and less favorable lipid profiles. Check out these four reasons why winter takes a toll and what you can do to beat back the less welcome aspects of the season.


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