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The science behind cravings and keeping them in check

At some point or another, we’ve all experienced cravings and have likely wondered where they came from. Taking a closer look, cravings are a strong desire for a specific food, taste or texture. When we experience feelings of natural hunger, it’s a physical sign from our body telling us that it needs more fuel in order to have energy so it can function properly. 

When comparing the two, hunger is a signal that your metabolism is revved up and looking to break down nutrient-dense food for energy, whereas cravings can stem from many different underlying causes and stem from some sort of physiological imbalance going on inside, including nutrient deficiencies, stress hormones, or poor lifestyle habits.

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What Men Must Know about Hormones and Health 

Gentlemen, do you know how your hormones are influencing your fitness performance, aging experience, and overall wellbeing?

Hormones are chemical messengers our bodies use to maintain physiological homeostasis or to adapt to new inputs.

To some degree, aging naturally produces gradual decreases in hormone levels and effectiveness.  However, to a much larger extent, we have control over the fate of our body’s internal environment. 


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